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This Week In Voice podcast concludes Season 2 with Digital Book World 2018 preview

Voice-first technology is accelerating. Adoption of voice assistants and smart speakers, by every type of organization and sector, is growing far faster than most ever would have thought, just a few years ago.

VoiceFirst.FM - the podcast network for the new era of #VoiceFirst computing - has grown right along with it, and now is heard in over 50 countries worldwide.

We're pleased to welcome two celebrity guests to the panel to close out Season 2 (see all previous episodes and guests, dating back to Season 1, here) - Walt Mossberg and Karen Wickre. Both will be speakers at the upcoming Digital Book World 2018 - the gathering of the wide world of publishing - taking place October 2-4 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Walt Mossberg, who will deliver the DBW 2018 keynote address, is widely credited with pioneering the modern, consumer-focused technology review and commentary. He is in the process of writing a book, about the combination of breakthrough technology and the people who brought it to us, which will capstone his career. This book will be published by St. Martin's Press in 2019.

Karen Wickre, who will deliver a plenary session at DBW 2018 around the importance of industry networking, is a technology-oriented corporate communications veteran. She worked at Google, within Global Communications and Public Affairs, for a decade before transitioning over to Twitter, where Karen was Editorial Director for another five years. She is also in the process of writing a book, which is titled Networking For People Who Hate To Network: An Introvert's Guide To Making Connections That Count.

Both will join the final guest panel of Season 2 for This Week In Voice's Season Finale this Thursday. This special episode will cover stories related to recent voice technology news, and will offer both of these Silicon Valley luminaries the opportunity to make their voice heard on this new and permanent shift in the technology landscape, heading into Digital Book World 2018 this fall.

The episode will record Thursday morning, and will get edited and produced over the afternoon, to be released Thursday evening (via VoiceFirst.FM and major podcast providers) in time for the weekend. A full transcript will be made available upon the episode's publication, also via VoiceFirst.FM.

This Week In Voice will return Thursday, September 6, for Season 3's season premiere.

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