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Macmillan lifts library ebook embargo; DBW ban ends

In a bit of good news amidst a lot of bad news, Macmillan has decided to reverse course and lift its controversial ebook embargo on libraries. (Publishers Weekly article here)

We're excited to see our friend and partner the American Library Association see their wishes recognized and honored. We're proud to have raised our voice forcefully and repeatedly on this issue.

Our ban of Macmillan employees and staff participating in Digital Book World (which extended up to the parent company and down to all imprints and subsidiaries) is over. We look forward to their participation, whether this year, or sometime down the road.

As Macmillan CEO John Sargent says in a brief release, there are times in life when differences should be put aside. Completely agree, and wonderful to see.

#digitalbookworld #macmillan #libraries #ala #ban #ebooks #embargo #JohnSargent

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