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Motovun Group of International Publishers (MGIP) become the newest partner of Digital Book World

The Motovun Group of International Publishers (MGIP) is a worldwide group of publishing professionals hailing from 20 different countries around the globe.

Traditionally, the group convenes for special dinners before London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair, while also meeting each summer for an annual meeting.

I had a chance to connect with MGIP President Jean Arcache while at the London Book Fair, and am pleased to be able to announce that he'll be speaking as part of the Digital Book World 2019 program. MGIP members have a special promo code they can use to attend Digital Book World 2019 from around the world, and we'll find ways to partner together with this longstanding group moving forward.

It's one step closer to bringing together the wide world of publishing for Digital Book World 2019, and we're thrilled about it. Thanks to Jean Arcache and MGIP for their continued work in cultivating a true sense of community across the industry.

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