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Finding The Joy In Publishing

First of all, watch this video, which is part of an inspiring tweet from earlier this week that went viral and got viewed millions of times:

What you just watched is Alice Chigumira, a former Zimbabwean refugee into the United Kingdom and advocate for women's rights, open up a Christmas present to find her own book staring back at her.

It's a remarkable, joyous video that feels fortunate to be able to peer in on.

Acquiring Digital Book World has been an equally joyous experience for us. We've now notched our first year of running DBW, restoring the luster to an event which has such a rich legacy of impact within the publishing industry.

We hope, whether you're a marketer or a literary agent or in finance or managing supply chain logistics or translating books or doing anything else across the wide world of publishing, you manage to find the joy in it in 2019.

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