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Ingram executive retires after 20 year career to pursue music. First gig? DBW 2018.

Jeffrey Seeman worked at Ingram for 20 years, including the last ten as an executive for the company's Lightning Source print-on-demand business unit (which is the track sponsor of Production Book World, while Ingram themselves are a Presenting Sponsor of Digital Book World 2018).

Having been part of a band many years ago which had landed a major record deal, Jeffrey continued to hone his craft. And as he warmed up to play music for an Ingram in-house company event, I overheard his playing. This was no ordinary musician.

After learning of his very unique story, it then moved into no-brainer territory: this person simply HAS to be the entertainment for the Hall Crawl, our Wednesday post-conference-program exhibit hall event. (We also are including CDs of his in our gifts to DBW 2018 speakers and panelists.)

The Hall Crawl allows the exhibitors that want to to purchase food/drinks and make them available to attendees who come by their booth, while others that don't want to participate don't have to. But it's a great way to wind down after a second full day of jam-packed conference programming, before finishing up with a phenomenal half-day on Thursday.

And having a long-time Ingram executive, just now embarking on a new life as a full-time musician, is the perfect exclamation point to the conference. We're honored to have Jeffrey Seeman join us.

It's just another story worth telling, within the larger story of Digital Book World 2018.

And by the way, don't miss out on this music video below, for a sample of what you're in for during Wednesday's Hall Crawl. Incredible.

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