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List Of Awards To Be Presented Live at DBW Awards Gala

The DBW Awards Gala is Tuesday October 2, after the Digital Book World 2018 conference program concludes for the day. It is a limited engagement affair, with very limited seating and a separate registration process. If you're a registered DBW 2018 attendee and are interested in attending, see if you can grab one of the few remaining spots.

Some of the DBW Awards we will announce live, while the majority will be published on around the time of the reception. If the recipient is in the audience, we'll allow him/her/them to take the stage and make brief remarks.

The primary focus of the DBW Awards Gala will be our two Publishing Hall of Fame inductees: Marie Dutton Brown and Len Edgerly. We will present both with an award, separately, and honor them and their accomplishments. Both will be in attendance.

The awards for which we will announce winners live are:

Publisher of the Year

Trade Publisher of the Year

Children's Publisher of the Year

Educational Publisher of the Year

Academic / Scholarly Publisher of the Year

Religious Publisher of the Year

Independent Publisher of the Year

Publishing Executive of the Year

Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year

DBW Medal for Leadership in Diversity

Innovation in Accessibility

Best Mobile Application

Best Alexa Skill

Best Google Action

Best Use of Blockchain in Publishing Technology

Best Use of AR/VR In Publishing

Best Use of AR/VR In Storytelling

Best Book (Overall)

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