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Casemate's Minerva Platform: Empowering Publishers Through Automation

We're happy to have a variety of excellent companies participating in Digital Book World 2018 and having a presence within the revamped DBW 2018 Exhibit Hall. One of those is Casemate Group.

I have had a chance to learn about Casemate's interesting new Minerva platform, which they will be rolling out as part of Digital Book World 2018.

The platform saves publishers money through a variety of automation and is well worth checking out. The information about the offering is below, and make sure to visit Casemate at booth #503 during Digital Book World 2018 in just a few short weeks!



CASEMATE PUBLISHING SERVICES: The production platform for publishers by publishers


With over thirty years’ experience in the publishing industry, Casemate Publishing Services’ (CPS), intelligent services and solutions leverage the latest technological advances to provide an accelerated, economic, and quality-driven publishing experience. From submission of manuscript through final deliverables, CPS delivers a wide array of pre-production, production and post-production services, helping small to medium-sized publishers to efficiently manage their workflow, produce more books and reduce costs.

Our Core Strengths:

Partnering with the publisher to create innovative and customizable solutions by providing end-to-end business intelligence tools for a seamless and rapid progression across the editorial, production, and distribution stages.

Collaborating with the best minds in the publishing and technology industries to offer powerful tools to stay ahead of the competition. CPS’ extensive experience in creating a technology-driven ecosystem supports publishers in effortlessly transitioning into a digitally-enabled publishing environment.

Empowering small to mid-size publishers with powerful XML-driven tools to streamline their production workflow, reduce costs, and deliver their books to the market at a faster rate.

CPS’ Minerva publishing platform automates up to 90% of the production workflow from technical editing to typesetting and simultaneous output of print and digital deliverables. Minerva’s agile design enables both a non-XML and XML-first automated workflow, depending on the specific needs of the publisher.

With the ability to provide highly customized workflows and a wide array of design templates in addition to multiple languages, Minerva facilitates the transition from one production stage to another, ensuring a transparent understanding of where book production is at any given moment during the process.

  • centralized, cloud-based operational tool customized to fit your specific workflow requirements

  • effective web-based platform for collaborating with key stakeholders through a well-organized communication system

  • easy-to-use interface

  • comment and chat features

  • real-time email alerts

  • variety of reporting options

Core Benefits:

  • Achieve up to a 30% cost savings through Minerva’s lean and efficient production environment

  • Simplify and streamline the entire publishing process from simple to complex workflows

  • Ensure a secure and version-controlled environment with seamless integration across all stages

  • Faster time to market with zero compromise on quality of deliverables

  • Multiple stakeholders can access relevant tasks from anywhere at anytime

  • Concise and intuitive dashboard experience providing a transparent view of a project’s metadata, source files, delivery schedules and communication history

  • Efficient workflow that improves your publishing process and reduces operation and production time

  • Highly secure cloud-based system with permission- and role-based access.

  • Easily adopt Agile, Scrum and Kanban principles into your publishing program

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