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Amazon named Presenting Sponsor of Digital Book World 2018

Since acquiring Digital Book World last year, we've been working diligently to expand the array of companies participating in the conference. We wondered: how can you have an event called Digital Book World, without having the biggest and most major tech players present?

We are very pleased to announce today that Amazon will be a Presenting Sponsor of Digital Book World 2018 - the first year in this conference's proud history that Amazon has been a sponsor.

Amazon's participation will attract a wider net of attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. For any company with competing products or services, this sets up a golden and rare opportunity to win new business by comparing those products and services to Amazon's directly, under one roof, at the same place. For attendees, the opportunity to interact with Amazon within a broader publishing context is valuable and exciting.

BookMachine, one of our media partners for Digital Book World 2018, will carry an exclusive interview diving more in-depth on this very exciting news, releasing Monday morning (2/26). That interview is available here.

Even before this news hit, Digital Book World 2018 just last week was referred to as The Super Bowl of Publishing. Now, with Amazon on board, we've taken a major step closer to that vision.

Digital Book World 2018 is shaping up to be an essential event - and we're not even close to done with the surprises and the major players who will be there. We look forward to seeing you this fall.

If you haven't already registered for Digital Book World 2018 (Oct 2-4, Nashville TN), do so here and save via the Early Bird discount.

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