What Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors?

Author report coverWhat Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors? emerged in response to the growing influence within the publishing industry of self-published authors who are succeeding by going indie. With the stigma diminishing, this alternative mode of publishing has become increasingly attractive to new and seasoned authors alike. Yet despite the excitement surrounding self-publishing and the common complaints about the traditional model, the 2013 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey found that authors still strongly preferred to publish traditionally. This report seeks to understand why.

The survey on which these findings are based was designed specifically to measure and compare the reported experiences of authors who pursue both routes to publication, as well as a hybrid model that draws on aspects of traditional and self-publishing. The report examines the case to be made to authors in favor of traditional publishing and pinpoints areas where traditional publishers might consider enhancing the value and services they offer their current and prospective authors.

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