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Why Publishers Are Wrong About Social Media

In his latest blog post for DBW, Rob Eagar writes that he sees “too many publishers placing too much importance and assigning dubious grades to authors based on the strength or weakness of their social media following.” According to Eagar, there is little correlation between the amount of social media followers an author has...


Stop Grading an Author’s Social Media Presence

When I was in college, my initial major was landscape design and architecture. For some strange reason, I had visions of designing golf courses with fancy clubhouses around the world. But my dream was crushed as a sophomore when I was graded on our biggest project of the year. I was given the task...

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Focused Book Marketing in a Fragmented Market

“The key change authors and publishers need to embrace—and it’s a change that’s both an opportunity and a challenge—is that the book discovery landscape is fracturing,” Goodreads co-founder and CEO Otis Chandler says. Some see that shift leading to readers exercising more control over how content is curated and discovered. For publishers, Chandler explains,...

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Getting Trade Ebooks into More Classrooms

Actively Learn, a digital content library and e-reading platform for K-12 students, adds “thousands” of popular titles published by HarperCollins, including classics like The Bridge to Terabithia. The platform lets students and school districts rent individual ebooks for limited periods, typically for less than it would cost to buy those titles in print or...

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How to Spot a Breakout Author

It’s been noted how a dearth of available sales data continues to bedevil efforts at gaining a clear, accurate picture of the ebook market. But publishers have learned to make strategic decisions based on more limited slices of information. As one case in point, Iobyte Solutions founder Dan Lubart shows how comparing trends on...

Gareth Cuddy digital disruption ebooks publishing Vearsa Sinofsky

Why There Might Be (Much) More Disruption Coming

One digital publishing expert recently back from the London Book Fair perceived a “collective sigh of relief” that the print-digital market is finally stabilizing. But it might be too soon to take comfort. According to Gareth Cuddy, CEO of the newly rebranded Vearsa, “for anyone to think that the digital disruption book publishing has...

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Video Marketing for Publishers: How, Whether, When?

Video may have killed the radio star, but its impact on the book world is still buffering. Book trailers are by now a familiar if limited presence in the marketing landscape. And while some publishers have built video into their marketing and content offerings, those experiments are still in their early days. So what...

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The Kids Are Alright without Enhanced E-Reading

For all the time millennials are spending on digital platforms, they aren’t dropping everything in order to read on them. The numbers tell a pretty clear story. While e-reading is popular and growing among younger readers, two recent studies both find they’re still about twice as likely to read a print book as an...

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How to Reach Millennial Readers

For book publishers, millennials can be a tricky bunch. They appear to favor print as well as offline, word-of-mouth book recommendations on the one hand, while driving an enormous share of social media activity on the other. Meanwhile, publishers’ marketing resources remain limited, and many are struggling to build relationships with readers where such...

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Three Ways to Engage Millennials on Social Media

“Authenticity is key,” said Huffington Post Teen Editor Taylor Trudon about engaging with young readers on social platforms, speaking at a conference hosted by Publishing Perspectives in New York City this morning, called “Designing Books for Young Readers.” Striking a tone that digital natives perceive as authentic doesn’t always come easily to book publishers. Social media marketing is nothing new in publishing...

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When Low Ebook Prices Aren’t Enough

As the economics of digital bookselling evolve, bargain prices don’t always pack the punch they once did in terms of driving sales. That’s partly a function of the sheer volume of titles being pumped into the market, but major publishers’ willingness to experiment with price promotions is also influencing readers’ buying habits and expectations....

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What ‘Mobile’ Really Means for Publishers

Many publishers and booksellers today worry that ebooks face steeper odds competing with the wealth of other media now available on mobile devices. But a more seldom heard fear is the one that publishers themselves may not be able to adapt fast enough to meet that competition head-on. After all, it isn’t just consumers’...


What We Talk about When We Talk about Mobile

What exactly do we mean when we talk about mobile strategies for digital publishers? There’s one quick and easy answer. It involves posting regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and their brethren so that people with smartphones can follow your publicity trail. True enough. But as I moved deeper into research on my report on...

Finding New Paths to Digital Readers

Paper Lantern Lit's co-founders on building a "story experience" tailored to digital readers today, inside Apple's ebook pricing appeal hearing, Google doubles down on e-commerce, Amazon updates Kindle iOS apps and much more.

Doing More with Data

The need to improve data-driven publishing tactics grows more urgent, announcing finalists for the 2015 Digital Book Awards, Scribd adds Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ebooks, linking websites and social media book marketing and more.

Eleven Digital Publishing Trends for 2015

Trends and opportunities for digital publishers to watch heading into next year, Digital Book World 2015 Conference Chair Mike Shatzkin's exhaustive precap of the approaching conference, the appeal of 'digical' retail and more.

Publishers, Who’s Your Customer?

Author and founder Seth Godin on why publishers need to figure out who their customers are, CBS head praises Simon & Schuster's Amazon deal, teen ebook buying lagging, Capstone Young Readers bundles print and ebooks and much more.

Teen Ebook Buying Lags Amid Discovery Challenges, Survey Finds

Children’s and young adult titles may continue to drive the lion’s share of growth in the book business overall, but young readers are still lagging behind older generations in ebook uptake, according to new Nielsen research. “While 20% of teens [are] purchasing e-books,” Nielsen analysts find, “25% of 30–44 year olds and 23% of 18–29...

Hachette Takes Bookselling to Twitter

Hachette partners with Gumroad on a direct sales platform for Twitter, Wattpad and Amazon face off on fan fiction market, Addr picks up where Readmill left off on social e-reading, Kobo crowdsources innovation and much more.

Hachette Joins with Gumroad to Sell Books on Twitter

With the ink on its new Amazon contract barely dry, Hachette opens up a new distribution channel outside the e-tailer’s ecosystem. Partnering with the e-commerce platform Gumroad, which earlier this year launched an iOS app to help authors sell their books direct to consumers, Hachette rolls out a pilot program letting readers buy select titles inside their Twitter feeds. One irony...

How Publishers Can Regain Leverage

Author and 'New Yorker' contributor Ken Auletta on whether publishers can--or should--up their clout in Amazon negotiations, unfinished business for Authors United, Kobo sizes up the global ebook market and much more.

Free Webcast: Five Tips to Boost Your Digital Book Marketing Strategy

Join Digital Book World on Tuesday, December 9 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT for a free webcast where you will learn how to fine-tune your metadata to boost discovery and drive sales in today’s changing digital market. There’s no doubt that effective book marketing for publishers and authors is becoming more difficult. There...

Simon & Schuster Launches Books Section With Social Media Platform Milq

Related: Simon & Schuster Author Walter Isaacson Talks Digital Innovation at Digital Book World 2015 [Press Release] New York / Toronto – Milq ( and Milq on the App Store) is partnering with Simon & Schuster on the launch of Books as a new content category for its culture sharing app and site. Starting today, users...

Wattpad: Digital Storytelling With a Social Twist

The digital marketplace has changed the rules for both readers and writers. Authors no longer need to be separated from their readers. Readers no longer have to wait for books to be complete before getting a peek at authors’ work. The landscape for storytelling is changing and one of the leading innovations in this...