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Is Your Publishing Toolkit As Strong As It Can Be?

Is Your Publishing Toolkit As Strong As It Could Be?

For leaders of production and digital teams in publishing, the dizzying change of the past five years may seem like a hurdle that’s been overcome. And while most publishers now have a mix of internal and outsourced systems in place for metadata and asset management, frontline staff are often still challenged not only to...

Who Cares How You Read? Just Read.

Who Cares How People Read? Just Read.

There has been a lot of press lately about data that looks like it’s pointing to declining ebook sales and surging print sales. There has also been some chatter about the inferior experience of reading ebooks. “The biggest point,” writes ebook developer Laura Brady in a blog post for Digital Book World, “that I...

Ebook Production 101: The Copyright Page

Ebook Production 101: The Copyright Page

Ebook developer Joshua Tallent has been using his Digital Book World column recently to discuss some best practices, ideas and opinions about ebook front matter. And in his latest installment, he dives into the copyright page. “The copyright page is very important, but there is still a lot of confusion about what a copyright...

Simon & Schuster and to Offer Ebooks to Travelers

[Press Release] SIMON & SCHUSTER AND HOTELS.COM TEAM UP TO OFFER BESTSELLING EBOOKS TO TRAVELERS NEW YORK, August 19—Simon & Schuster and® are joining together to promote the joy of reading and make life on the road or on vacation that much more pleasant for travelers. Beginning today, customers who book a...

IPR License NetGalley global rights global publishing

Greasing the Gears on Rights Deals

If you’re a big publisher already, one way to pursue growth amid a sluggish ebook market is to get bigger. That’s the approach HarperCollins has adopted (among others) in the roughly ten months since it acquired Harlequin. Another is to ramp up on content licensing. As Tom Chalmers of IPR License sees it, revenue...

Simon & Schuster to Distribute Gallup Titles

Simon & Schuster signs a global sales and distribution agreement with Gallup Press, the research organization’s publishing arm. Effective January 1, 2016, the deal puts Simon & Schuster in charge of distributing all of Gallup’s English-language print and ebooks around the world, as well as translated titles in certain markets. The agreement covers both front- and back-list titles. In an...

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Twelve Publishers Submit to SEO Analysis

Like one of the main things it seeks to improve—discoverability—search engine optimization can be something of a moving target for publishers. Still, marketing experts like Murray Izenwasser and Peter McCarthy have shown there are ways to solve key pieces of the SEO puzzle without much technical expertise, time or investment. Now, Izenwasser puts that...

Librios Hal Robinson digital ebook publishing authors multi-channel

Authors Front and Center in Multi-Channel Publishing

Ask most authors and they’ll probably tell you that what makes it into their books is just a fraction of all the thought, research and imagination that went into conceiving it. But as Librios, Ltd. CEO Hal Robinson sees it, the publishing process isn’t yet set up to extract the most value from what...

Cheerios BookShout Simon & Schuster Cheer on Reading

Cheerios: Now with Ebooks

Since 2003, Cheerios has stuffed some of its cereal boxes with children’s books published by Simon & Schuster, through a program called “Cheer on Reading.” Now, that program takes a digital turn with help from BookShout. The ebook distribution service is providing Cheerios boxes with special codes offering select free ebooks by some of...


BookShout Serves Simon & Schuster Ebooks with Cheerios

The ebook distribution platform BookShout partners with Cheerios to serve select Simon & Schuster titles to breakfasting children across the U.S. The publisher’s “Cheer on Reading” literacy program has placed free Simon & Schuster children’s books inside Cheerios boxes since 2003. Now, instead of stuffing print titles into cereal boxes, they’ll come printed with BookShout-provided codes...

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Penguin Random House Joins Scribd on Audiobooks

When Hachette and Penguin Random House joined in the launch of Oyster’s ebookstore last week, both made it clear they have no intention of putting their ebooks on the subscription model. But who said anything about audiobooks? Adding 9,000 digital audiobook titles to Scribd’s catalog, Penguin Random House deepens its collaboration with the major...

Simon & Schuster Puts Ebooks on Playster’s Subscription Platform

In a deal announced this week, Simon & Schuster becomes the second major publisher to make its ebooks available on the subscription-based digital content platform Playster. The first book publisher to partner with Playster, HarperCollins added 14,000 back-list titles to the Montreal-based subscription service last month. Currently in beta, Playster offers unlimited access to catalog featuring a range...

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When Discoverability Arrives Too Late

‘Discovery’ and ‘discoverability’ are the twin watchwords of book marketing today, and for good reason. In an intensely competitive market, ensuring the right mechanisms are in place to allow readers to find what they’re after—and to recommend something similar to what they’re after—is critically important. But those efforts may still fall short in some...

enhanced ebooks media tie-ins American Sniper

Can the Movies Save Enhanced Ebooks?

It depends who you ask. The recent success of the enhanced ebook edition of American Sniper–which has reportedly sold over 166,000 copies, besting its unenhanced analog in the iBooks Store–has some asking whether a winning formula has been found at last. Film adaptations are well understood to boost the performance of the ebooks they’re...

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When Low Ebook Prices Aren’t Enough

As the economics of digital bookselling evolve, bargain prices don’t always pack the punch they once did in terms of driving sales. That’s partly a function of the sheer volume of titles being pumped into the market, but major publishers’ willingness to experiment with price promotions is also influencing readers’ buying habits and expectations....

Simon & Schuster North Star Way SimonSays authors self-publishing

Simon & Schuster Sweetens the Deal for Authors

It’s no secret many authors aren’t convinced traditional publishers offer them contract terms worth signing for. Over the past two years, Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest have tracked some of that dissatisfaction in our annual Author Surveys. Enter Simon & Schuster’s North Star Way imprint, which the publisher bills as a more “client-centric...

Simon & Schuster Offers Expanded Author Services in New Multimedia Imprint

Simon & Schuster rolls out a new imprint designed to “offer authors an expanded suite of profile-building, ancillary services that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional publishing,” according to a statement released today. The imprint, called North Star Way, will focus on wellness and self-improvement nonfiction, delivered in a variety of multimedia formats in addition to...

Doors Open at Digital Book World 2015

Kicking off three days of insights, debate and conversation at the most jam-packed Digital Book World ever, Simon & Schuster launches online video series, why going direct is such tough going, the return of agency ebook pricing and much more.

How Amazon Could Disrupt Anew

One industry leader's case for why Amazon could still prove a game-changer in the mobile market, what's ahead in digital content delivery, leadership changes at Wiley, reconsidering global ebook pricing and much more.

Publishers, Who’s Your Customer?

Author and founder Seth Godin on why publishers need to figure out who their customers are, CBS head praises Simon & Schuster's Amazon deal, teen ebook buying lagging, Capstone Young Readers bundles print and ebooks and much more.

Microsoft Bids Nook Adieu

Barnes & Noble agrees to buy out Microsoft's stake in Nook Media, why Walmart should set its sights on Nook, Barnes & Noble has another weak quarter, weighing whether Amazon can be constrained and whether or not it should, 3M adds audiobooks and more.

Oyster Turns Web Publisher

The subscription ebook service turns web publisher with an online literary magazine, Simon & Schuster widens its library ebook program, BiblioBoard offers library ebooks by indie authors, BitLit bundles Elsevier ebooks and much more.

Simon & Schuster Strips “Buy It Now” Requirement from Library Ebook Program

When Simon & Schuster launched its library ebook program in June, it stipulated that participating libraries must offer a “Buy It Now” button allowing patrons to purchase the ebooks they borrow. Today the publisher makes that requirement optional in an effort to expand the program to libraries that hesitated to jump on board as a...

Nook Returns to Audiobooks

The audiobook market heats up as Nook gets back into a game Scribd just joined, Simon & Schuster launches an online magazine, Open Road eyes Spanish ebook readers, why Penguin Random House should try subscription ebooks and more.

Scribd Adds Audiobooks

Scribd offers 30,000 audiobook titles to subscribers in a bid for Audible customers, Simon & Schuster pleased with ebook sales on subscription platforms, HarperCollins wins Open Road Media suit, Android developers make strides and more.

Hachette War Hurting Amazon?

Whether the ongoing standoff is finally impacting Amazon's business, Austria mandates minimum ebook prices, Apple plays offense on iBooks, Pearson and Penguin Random House hold steady in third quarter and much more.

Simon & Schuster Strikes Amazon Deal Reviving Agency Ebook Pricing

This post has been updated with new information. Simon & Schuster has reached a multi-year distribution agreement with Amazon, according to reports today by the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider. Neither Amazon nor Simon & Schuster have publicly announced the deal, but Publishers Lunch reports that it marks a return to the agency pricing model,...

Wattpad Novel Scores Movie Deal

'After' by Wattpad author Anna Todd follows up its Simon & Schuster book deal by landing a movie deal with Paramount, the digital educational content market expands, Google and Apple face off on premium tablets and much more.

Self-Publishing Turns a Corner

Data suggesting the self-publishing market is maturing, HarperCollins expands in Germany, Simon & Schuster imprint scraps DRM, Nook puts news into libraries, rethinking English translation rights sales, new workflow tools and more.

Simon & Schuster Launches Books Section With Social Media Platform Milq

Related: Simon & Schuster Author Walter Isaacson Talks Digital Innovation at Digital Book World 2015 [Press Release] New York / Toronto – Milq ( and Milq on the App Store) is partnering with Simon & Schuster on the launch of Books as a new content category for its culture sharing app and site. Starting today, users...