More Than Half U.S. Kids Reading Ebooks, New Report Shows

Some 54% of U.S. children aged two-to-thirteen are reading ebooks, according to the report, The ABCs of Kids & Ebooks: Understanding the E-Reading Habits of Children Aged 2-13. This is more than double the 23% of U.S. adults who are e-reading, according to the latest numbers from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Parents Primed to Buy Devices and Ebooks for Their Kids This Holiday Season, New Study Finds

When it comes to their kids and e-reading, parents are prepared to spend this holiday season, an upcoming study has found. Nearly 40% of parents with children aged 2-to-13 who read ebooks plan to purchase a new e-reading device for their children, according to the study from New York-based children’s research firm PlayScience and Digital Book World. The study will be released in full exclusively at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo in New York on Jan. 16.