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Emerging Global Internet Users Young, Social, Read English

A Pew study published last week finds that Internet use in emerging and developing countries is highest among younger, more affluent, better educated users who read English—all potentially good news for English-language ebook publishers setting down roots in international markets. Despite wide variation in the rates of access among the 32 countries Pew surveyed, national income correlated strongly to...

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Keeping up with Digital Natives

By some accounts, young readers don’t behave much differently than older ones do; some studies find only tepid interest among digital natives in ebooks and other digital content. But the latest report based on an ongoing research project between PlayCollective and Digital Book World paints a more nuanced picture of children and families sorting...

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Google Pushing Publishers to Go Mobile

If many publishers have yet to catch up with where their readers are, Google plans to pressure them to. A few weeks ago, Google made a rare announcement of a change set to weight mobile-responsive websites more favorably in searches. “It’s a push to make mobile responsiveness the new normal for everyone (including publishers),”...

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Why Small Publishers Must Go Global, Too

Traditionally, being a global publisher has meant being a big publisher. Sandy Grant, CEO of the Australian publisher Hardie Grant, says until recently, independent publishers “often saw ourselves as unable to compete with the multi-nationals for global distribution and thus for global authors.” Especially now that ebooks have leveled off, the need for publishers...

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Android, Apple and Ebooks

Apple’s success with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been extraordinary by any measure. And after bundling the iBooks app with iOS 8 late last year, Apple reported bringing in 1 million new customers a week through the holiday season. But the extent to which those gains indicate an increasingly Apple-dominated ebook universe...

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Android, Apple and Mobile Ebooks: A Roundtable

After Apple released its most recent financial results earlier this month, several online outlets jumped to publish headlines like this one on TechCrunch: “Apple’s iPhone Overtakes Android in U.S. Sales for the First Time Since 2012.” That headline was rather breathless by comparison with the report the article draws on, which notes that iOS...

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Can the Movies Save Enhanced Ebooks?

It depends who you ask. The recent success of the enhanced ebook edition of American Sniper–which has reportedly sold over 166,000 copies, besting its unenhanced analog in the iBooks Store–has some asking whether a winning formula has been found at last. Film adaptations are well understood to boost the performance of the ebooks they’re...

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Apple Shifts Focus for iOS 9

One of the biggest developments for ebook publishers when Apple launched iOS 8 last September was the company’s decision to bundle the update with its iBooks app. At Digital Book World last month, iBooks Store Director Keith Moerer estimated 1 million new customers had flocked to iBooks each week between the iOS 8 rollout...

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What ‘Mobile’ Really Means for Publishers

Many publishers and booksellers today worry that ebooks face steeper odds competing with the wealth of other media now available on mobile devices. But a more seldom heard fear is the one that publishers themselves may not be able to adapt fast enough to meet that competition head-on. After all, it isn’t just consumers’...


What We Talk about When We Talk about Mobile

What exactly do we mean when we talk about mobile strategies for digital publishers? There’s one quick and easy answer. It involves posting regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and their brethren so that people with smartphones can follow your publicity trail. True enough. But as I moved deeper into research on my report on...

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Three Steps to Direct-to-Consumer Publishing

Many publishers tend to think of direct-to-consumer publishing as being about either e-commerce or marketing. In fact, it’s about both ingredients–plus one more. Earlier this week Biztegra co-founder Murray Izenwasser argued that establishing a direct-to-consumer strategy is achievable for every publisher regardless of its size and that doing so is more important than ever. Now he...

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Where Does Apple Go from Here?

Nearly 70% of Apple’s revenue in the most recent quarter and the entirety of its growth came from the iPhone, leading one observer to remark that the tech company “is now as dependent on the success of one product line…as Microsoft once was with Windows.” Pointing to the experience of Microsoft, at one time...

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Free Webcast: Mobile Strategies for Authors and Publishers

Join Digital Book World on Tuesday, February 17 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT for a free webcast where you will learn the latest trends in the shifting mobile market and how authors and publishers can adapt strategically. The explosion of mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—is transforming the nature of digital publishing. Publishers...

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Mobile Moves to the Center

How the mobile boom is driving a number of trends in a digital landscape where ebook growth has stalled, a full recap of Digital Book World 2015 conference coverage, Amazon reassures authors on Kindle Unlimited, data on authors' earnings and much more.

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Amazon Counts Year-End Gains

Amazon adds 10 million new Prime members and says device sales grew by leaps and bounds this holiday season, assessing authors' Kindle Unlimited qualms, Kobo aims to upsell erstwhile Sony loyalists with new devices and more.


How Amazon Could Disrupt Anew

One industry leader's case for why Amazon could still prove a game-changer in the mobile market, what's ahead in digital content delivery, leadership changes at Wiley, reconsidering global ebook pricing and much more.

Publishers, Who’s Your Customer?

Author and founder Seth Godin on why publishers need to figure out who their customers are, CBS head praises Simon & Schuster's Amazon deal, teen ebook buying lagging, Capstone Young Readers bundles print and ebooks and much more.

Hachette Takes Bookselling to Twitter

Hachette partners with Gumroad on a direct sales platform for Twitter, Wattpad and Amazon face off on fan fiction market, Addr picks up where Readmill left off on social e-reading, Kobo crowdsources innovation and much more.

Lights Out for Enhanced Ebooks?

Whether it's still worth developing interactive digital content, a breakthrough in screen technology, why Apple is courting Alibaba, Amazon Prime stays hot as Fire Phone goes cold, mounting privacy concerns for mobile users and more.

Adobe Tracking Ebook Readers’ Data

Adobe Digital Editions confirms it's collecting user data, Amazon and Apple compete for mobile readers, Bertelsmann weighs increasing stake in Penguin Random House, Slicebooks contracts d2c client and more.

New Gumroad iPhone App Helps Authors Sell Ebooks Direct

Digital content sales platform Gumroad is launching an iOS app today to help authors and other content creators sell their work directly to consumers. The new iPhone app allows users to create custom mobile libraries of digital content purchased through Gumroad. Gumroad currently offers 35,000 ebooks and digital comics in addition to 8,000 movies and...

Wattpad: Digital Storytelling With a Social Twist

The digital marketplace has changed the rules for both readers and writers. Authors no longer need to be separated from their readers. Readers no longer have to wait for books to be complete before getting a peek at authors’ work. The landscape for storytelling is changing and one of the leading innovations in this...