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Mobile Moves to the Center

How the mobile boom is driving a number of trends in a digital landscape where ebook growth has stalled, a full recap of Digital Book World 2015 conference coverage, Amazon reassures authors on Kindle Unlimited, data on authors' earnings and much more.

Amazon Prime Kindle Fire e-reader

Amazon Counts Year-End Gains

Amazon adds 10 million new Prime members and says device sales grew by leaps and bounds this holiday season, assessing authors' Kindle Unlimited qualms, Kobo aims to upsell erstwhile Sony loyalists with new devices and more.


How Amazon Could Disrupt Anew

One industry leader's case for why Amazon could still prove a game-changer in the mobile market, what's ahead in digital content delivery, leadership changes at Wiley, reconsidering global ebook pricing and much more.

Publishers, Who’s Your Customer?

Author and founder Seth Godin on why publishers need to figure out who their customers are, CBS head praises Simon & Schuster's Amazon deal, teen ebook buying lagging, Capstone Young Readers bundles print and ebooks and much more.

Hachette Takes Bookselling to Twitter

Hachette partners with Gumroad on a direct sales platform for Twitter, Wattpad and Amazon face off on fan fiction market, Addr picks up where Readmill left off on social e-reading, Kobo crowdsources innovation and much more.

Lights Out for Enhanced Ebooks?

Whether it's still worth developing interactive digital content, a breakthrough in screen technology, why Apple is courting Alibaba, Amazon Prime stays hot as Fire Phone goes cold, mounting privacy concerns for mobile users and more.

Adobe Tracking Ebook Readers’ Data

Adobe Digital Editions confirms it's collecting user data, Amazon and Apple compete for mobile readers, Bertelsmann weighs increasing stake in Penguin Random House, Slicebooks contracts d2c client and more.

New Gumroad iPhone App Helps Authors Sell Ebooks Direct

Digital content sales platform Gumroad is launching an iOS app today to help authors and other content creators sell their work directly to consumers. The new iPhone app allows users to create custom mobile libraries of digital content purchased through Gumroad. Gumroad currently offers 35,000 ebooks and digital comics in addition to 8,000 movies and...

Wattpad: Digital Storytelling With a Social Twist

The digital marketplace has changed the rules for both readers and writers. Authors no longer need to be separated from their readers. Readers no longer have to wait for books to be complete before getting a peek at authors’ work. The landscape for storytelling is changing and one of the leading innovations in this...

Closing the Print-Digital Price Gap

One expert's suggestion for getting customers to pay more for digital content, a study says smartphone users aren't downloading new apps, Amazon buys video-streaming service Twitch, Pentian's growing appeal and more.

Amazon Adds to Media Arsenal With Twitch Acquisition

Amazon announced today that it’s buying the popular live video streaming service Twitch for $970 million. The deal comes after Google, which already owns YouTube, reportedly walked away, fearing antitrust repercussions. Twitch is primarily a platform for video gamers to share live streams of the games they play, and to watch those contributed by others. The platform, founded in 2001,...

UNESCO Sees Mobile’s Potential to Boost Global Literacy

Not only is the spread of mobile devices around the world creating new access to content and boosting literacy, according to a new UNESCO report, it’s being done largely without the latest in digital reading technology. It’s happening on pre-smartphone cell phone handsets, otherwise known as feature-phones. Readers in the developing world tend to...

Internet, Mobile Boom Creating Avid Users Worldwide

A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project found that Internet, cell phone and social media use is surging worldwide. And most people to adopt those technologies are becoming avid, rather than occasional, users of them. In many of the 24 developing nations surveyed–including China, Russia, South Africa, Venezuela and...

Children’s Publishers Look Toward Mobile as Next Frontier

“There isn’t a single trend that will have a bigger impact on our business in the next year than the move to mobile,” said Kristen McLean, founder of books analytics start-up Bookigee, speaking at Launch Kids at Digital Book World 2014 in New York. McLean cited several data points to support that readers are...

Why Publishers Need to Start Thinking Mobile-First

Long before we were harangued into believing that the future of publishing is in the data cloud, we were berated about the modesty of our mobile publishing ambitions. Like many of my publishing colleagues I fought back with ennui: I really don’t see why you think my web site needs to display brilliantly on...

BookScout Launches Mobile App

Related: BookScout Book Discovery App From Random House [Press Release] Random House Debuts Mobile Version of BookScout for Facebook Introduces Curated Seasonal Reading Recommendations to Book Discovery App Random House, Inc., announces the release of the mobile version of BookScout, its Facebook app, which enables book lovers to connect with friends over their favorite...