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How Did I Do on My 2016 Publishing Predictions?

Last December I wrote a blog post setting out my predictions for the publishing industry in 2016, and I promised to revisit them after 12 months. I always stress the importance of accepting accountability in business, and therefore I must also live—or fall—by the same rules. I have placed a score...

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How Can I Be a Part of the Audiobook Boom?

Audiobooks have long been operating in the digital space. Well before ebooks were gaining major popularity, digital audiobooks were helping audio publishing grow. With the introduction of the iPod at the turn of the century and the adoption of smartphones over the last decade, audiobooks have been booming: over the last...

A New Service to Help Authors Wrangle Reviews

The Great Amazon Page Count Mystery

How Amazon pays authors for work included in Kindle Unlimited (KU) made headlines across the inter-webs recently. Ann Christy’s post “KU Scammers on KU – What’s Going On” even made it on to the homepage of Hacker News. The discussion raises many interesting questions about what reading data Amazon collects and...

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Barnes & Noble Beats a Path Back to Retail

Barnes & Noble names a new CEO to help steer the company back toward its roots as a bookstore chain after the spinoff of its college division is completed this summer. Ronald D. Boire, the head of Sears Canada, comes to Barnes & Noble with executive-level experience in retail and consumer...

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Understanding Ebook Production (and Why You Might Want to)

With the ebook market basically stuck in neutral, some ebook developers are doing a bit of soul-searching. In one view, the profession may be losing some of its appeal as publishers pare back their investments in digital production and talented coders seek fatter paychecks in other industries. And it doesn’t help...

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How Book Publishers Can Outlast Book Publishing

“The book was a very sensible solution to a lot of problems for a long time, until it wasn’t,” says Inkling founder and CEO Matt MacInnis. “Today it increasingly isn’t.” MacInnis is among those who believe the traditional publishing model is under threat from “fast-changing customer expectations” to which publishers can’t...

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Data, Innovation and Future-Proofing

“Between the rise of the self-published author and more efficient methods of content creation and distribution,” Vearsa CEO Gareth Cuddy says, “the value of being ‘published’ is diminishing year by year.” If that’s the case, though, Cuddy doesn’t believe it dooms publishers to obsolescence. “I think a lot of publishers are...

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Macmillan Tries Ebook Bundling with BitLit

Macmillan becomes the second Big Five publisher after HarperCollins to team up with the Vancouver-based print and ebook bundling start-up BitLit. Most of the nearly 3,000 titles Macmillan adds to BitLit’s content offering are DRM-free ebooks from Tor, the sci-fi and fantasy publisher. BitLit offers readers free and cheap ebook editions...

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Authors’ Views Vary on Subscription Ebooks

As the subscription model for ebooks evolves, authors and publishers are keeping a close eye on how much they earn from individual borrows on the leading platforms. Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription-based program, continues to compensate authors at rates that have been widely criticized as too meager. But author and researcher Dana...

Which Authors Do Subscription Services Benefit?

Subscriptions services may yet turn out to be a next game-changer in publishing, but for the moment that market is in a state of flux and expansion. Oyster recently added an ebookstore loaded with Big Five titles, a move that could in turn bolster the subscription model, potentially attracting new readers and making the...

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Don’t Optimize Alone

Over a year ago, Jellybooks founder Andrew Rhomberg took the stage at Digital Book World 2014 to make the case for publishers partnering with start-ups and other service providers. Nodding to the ratio between resources and ambitions, Rhomberg urged two things on publishers: “Don’t try to do everything in-house” and “Try...

Kindle Unlimited Payouts Low Despite Growth

The total sum Amazon reserves for Kindle Unlimited authors is growing alongside the subscription program, which arrived in Mexico and Canada last week. But the size of the individual payouts authors receive every time their titles are borrowed isn’t keeping pace. Publishers Lunch puts that figure at nearly $1.38 for January,...

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Kindle Unlimited Hits the Rest of North America

Just a couple of months after expanding to France and Brazil, Kindle Unlimited comes to Canada and Mexico. Amazon has moved swiftly to give its ebook subscription service an international edge since launching in the UK in September 2014, just two months after the program’s U.S. rollout. It’s now also available...

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What ‘Mobile’ Really Means for Publishers

Many publishers and booksellers today worry that ebooks face steeper odds competing with the wealth of other media now available on mobile devices. But a more seldom heard fear is the one that publishers themselves may not be able to adapt fast enough to meet that competition head-on. After all, it...

Amazon Prime Members Spending Big

By one recent estimate, Amazon Prime subscribers spend more than twice what the e-tailer’s other customers do. Prime members drop an average of $1,500 a year, compared with the $625 spent on average by non-Prime members, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The same research group estimated...

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Subscription Ebook Race Gets More Global

Bookmate adds 200,000 English-language titles as the subscription ebook competition heats up internationally, why print and ebook sales cycles may be diverging, agency's return makes little dent on the best-seller list and much more.
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Mobile Moves to the Center

How the mobile boom is driving a number of trends in a digital landscape where ebook growth has stalled, a full recap of Digital Book World 2015 conference coverage, Amazon reassures authors on Kindle Unlimited, data on authors' earnings and much more.

Four Reasons to Attend Digital Book World 2015 Next Week

In many ways, 2014 was a challenging year for publishers, but it wasn’t without its upsides, either. The Amazon-Hachette dispute stoked mistrust about the biggest publishers’ relationship with their top distribution partner, but it resolved with Hachette regaining the right to set its own ebook prices, much as Simon & Schuster had done...

Eleven Digital Publishing Trends for 2015

Trends and opportunities for digital publishers to watch heading into next year, Digital Book World 2015 Conference Chair Mike Shatzkin's exhaustive precap of the approaching conference, the appeal of 'digical' retail and more.

The Costs of Low-Cost Ebook Conversion

How the first wave of print-to-digital conversions created issues ebook publishers increasingly need to confront, publisher leaves Amazon Publishing, gambling on books by YouTube stars, ebook series still paying off and more.

HarperCollins Ebooks Get Airborne

The publisher and airline team up to offer an in-flight ebookstore, Kindle Unlimited rumored to set sights on Brazil, Adobe pushes latest fixed-layout EPUB tools, Kobo eyes self-publishing market in Europe and much more.

Scribd Launches Unlimited-Access Audiobook Catalog

Scribd adds a 30,000-title library of audiobooks to its subscription-based catalog, at no additional cost to users. The move is the latest expansion of Scribd’s content offering after adding more than 15,000 Harlequin ebooks, building on an existing partnership with HarperCollins, which acquired the romance publisher in May. According to Scribd co-founder Jared Friedman, the...

Two Wins for HarperCollins

Sales are up 25% at HarperCollins in the first quarter of fiscal 2015. Total revenue is up $406 million, from $328 million last year. That’s largely thanks to two things: a “modest” boost from the addition of Harlequin, which HarperCollins acquired this summer, and the continued strong performance of Veronica Roth’s...

Amazon Lags in Global Tablet Sales

Amazon on track to place only fifth in global tablet market by the end of 2014, Amazon Publishing the second biggest publisher of ebooks sold in the Kindle Store, Kindle First launches in the UK, Bookmate goes mobile and much more.