Four Ways Publishers Should Rethink Author Partnerships

A fresh take on the argument that publishers need to rethink what they offer authors, the Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey evolves, high praise for HarperCollins CEO Brian Murray, how Amazon is disrupting itself and more.

HarperCollins Ebooks Get Airborne

The publisher and airline team up to offer an in-flight ebookstore, Kindle Unlimited rumored to set sights on Brazil, Adobe pushes latest fixed-layout EPUB tools, Kobo eyes self-publishing market in Europe and much more.

HarperCollins Takes Flight with JetBlue Ebook Partnership

When JetBlue rolls out its new in-flight digital content platform later this week, it will come equipped with a selection of samples of twenty best-selling ebooks published by HarperCollins. The deal between the publisher and the airline marks the latest in HarperCollins’s …

BitLit Bundles Elsevier Ebooks

Four months after HarperCollins launched a pilot program with the ebook bundling start-up BitLit, Elsevier follows suit. BitLit offers customers discounted ebook versions of titles they already own in print. More than two hundred publishers already offer their titles through BitLit’s bundling …

Kindle Unlimited a Mixed Blessing for Authors

Authors’ payout per read declines as Kindle Unlimited subscriptions increase, young adult and children’s titles still driving trade sales, Kobo and HarperCollins partner on ebook bundling program in Australia and much more.

Forget the Book Launch

Why ebook marketing is increasingly about the long-game and relies less on a traditional book launch, Blurb gets competition from Reedsy in curating publishing services, Apple still dominates tablets on several fronts and much more.

Scribd Adds Audiobooks

Scribd offers 30,000 audiobook titles to subscribers in a bid for Audible customers, Simon & Schuster pleased with ebook sales on subscription platforms, HarperCollins wins Open Road Media suit, Android developers make strides and more.

Two Wins for HarperCollins

Sales are up 25% at HarperCollins in the first quarter of fiscal 2015. Total revenue is up $406 million, from $328 million last year. That’s largely thanks to two things: a “modest” boost from the addition of Harlequin, which HarperCollins …

Oyster Goes Social for Discovery

The ebook subscription service adds a shareable recommendation feature to drive discovery, emerging markets to power Google Play growth, children’s publishers adopt Lexile metric, Sherlock Holmes enters public domain and more.

Kobo Adds Marvel Digital Comics

Marvel adds more than 250 of its titles to Kobo’s catalog, HarperCollins launches a new podcast series, ALA applauds Adobe’s privacy patch and calls for further steps, subscription ebooks eyeing emerging markets and much more.

HarperCollins Widens Direct Marketing Push With Podcast Series

HarperCollins announces a weekly podcast program featuring conversations with some of the publisher’s top authors. The series, called “HarperCollins Presents,” builds on the publisher’s existing base of followers on SoundCloud, the audio streaming platform, and marks the latest in a coordinated …

Amazon Gets Physical

The e-tailer plans to open a physical store in Manhattan, Amazon arms authors with data and resources, ebooks on track to overtake print by 2018, HarperCollins adds titles to Bookmate’s catalog, the latest on Adobe’s data tracking and more.

Self-Publishing Turns a Corner

Data suggesting the self-publishing market is maturing, HarperCollins expands in Germany, Simon & Schuster imprint scraps DRM, Nook puts news into libraries, rethinking English translation rights sales, new workflow tools and more.

HarperCollins Launches German Division

Related: Digital Book World 2015 Turns Spotlight on Publishing in Global Markets [Press Release] HarperCollins Publishers Forms HarperCollins Germany Plans Expansion of Foreign Language Publishing FRANKFURT, Germany (October 8, 2014) – HarperCollins Publishers today announced the creation of HarperCollins Germany, …

HarperCollins Acquires Majority Ownership of Thomas Nelson Brasil

[Press Release] HarperCollins Christian Publishing acquires majority ownership of Thomas Nelson Brasil Today, HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP) announced its acquisition of majority ownership of Thomas Nelson Brasil (TNB) from joint venture partner Ediouro Group. HCCP, TNB and Ediouro will continue to …

HarperCollins Entices Authors to Sell Direct

The publisher offers to boost authors’ royalties for selling ebooks through its e-commerce site, Harlequin adds titles to Scribd, Amazon’s two new crowdsourced publishing initiatives, regulatory pressure on Amazon builds and more.

HarperCollins Extends Scribd Partnership to Harlequin Ebooks

Scribd adds more than 15,000 Harlequin titles to its subscription-based ebook catalog, through a new one-year agreement announced today. The romance publisher was acquired by NewsCorp, the parent company of HarperCollins, earlier this year, in what was the largest merger since Penguin and Random …

Should Self-Published Authors Slow Down?

The mixed blessings of self-publishing’s speed to market, another great week for Penguin Random House best-sellers, value-added taxes on European ebooks, HarperCollins helps indies during the holidays and more.

HarperCollins Adds Security Layer to Ebook Files

[Press Release] Digimarc Launches Digimarc® Guardian Watermarking for Publishing HarperCollins Publishers and LibreDigital first to adopt anti-piracy solution that protects copyrighted material for e-book authors and content owners Beaverton, Ore. – September 15, 2014 – Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) today …

Hope for the Future of Books

A new study finds reading and library use are strong among younger Americans, HarperCollins enters the Chinese book market, Barnes & Noble bemoans ebook prices, new leadership at Andrews McMeel and more.

HarperCollins Enters China Ebook Market Through Partnership With

[Press Release] HarperCollins Publishers Initiates Sales of English-Language E-Books to China HarperCollins Publishers today announced that it has signed an agreement with and China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) to sell English-language e-books in China. HarperCollins …

Amazon: Self-Publish Kids Books

Two new tools for self-publishing children’s books, Amazon’s CFO resigns, executive staffing changes at Penguin Random House and Verso, Oyster poaches Amazon books editor and much more.

Financial Times: Prescription for Publishers Surviving Amazon

“What happens if your biggest customer is also your worst nightmare?” asks the Financial Times. While the question is reductive (for many publishers, Amazon has been far from a “worst nightmare,” giving purchase to previously “out of print” books, reviving authors’ …

HarperCollins Moves to Strengthen Independent Bookstores With Marketing Spend

[Press Release] HarperCollins Publishers Announces Promotional Fund for Independent Retail Accounts HarperCollins Publishers today announced the HarperCollins Promotional Fund (HCPF), which will provide an additional fund of marketing dollars for Independent Retailers in the company’s fiscal year 2015, which began …