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Best-Selling Ebook Prices Rise Before HarperCollins Restores Agency

This week’s Ebook Best-Seller List captures the week ending April 11th, so it doesn’t reflect the return to agency pricing HarperCollins put into effect starting this Tuesday, the 14th. So the modest rise in the average price of a best-seller, from $6.66 last week to $6.98, isn’t a function of that switch. But since all six HarperCollins...

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Penguin Random House Joins Scribd on Audiobooks

When Hachette and Penguin Random House joined in the launch of Oyster’s ebookstore last week, both made it clear they have no intention of putting their ebooks on the subscription model. But who said anything about audiobooks? Adding 9,000 digital audiobook titles to Scribd’s catalog, Penguin Random House deepens its collaboration with the major...

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HarperCollins Signs Amazon Deal, Widens Global Reach

Resolving the apparent impasse where HarperCollins and Amazon found themselves earlier this month, the two parties sign a multi-year print and digital distribution contract. Officially, that’s the whole story. Neither HarperCollins nor Amazon have so far confirmed whether the deal rests on terms similar to those three other Big Five publishers have agreed to,...

HarperCollins Signs Amazon Deal, but Details Scarce

Earlier this month, it looked like HarperCollins and Amazon were at loggerheads over provisions in the distribution contract Amazon had proposed to the publisher. Now the two have come to terms. As of two weeks ago, those terms, according to a Business Insider story that some viewed a move by Amazon to put pressure on HarperCollins,...

HarperCollins Expands International Profile with Four New Divisions

Building on Harlequin’s overseas publishing programs in the Netherlands, Japan, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, HarperCollins launches four new international lines: HarperCollins Holland, HarperCollins Japan, HarperCollins Nordic and HarperCollins Polska. Harlequin’s existing operations in those regions will continue as HarperCollins introduces an additional 30–50-title list tailored to each new division beginning this fall. Leading off the...

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Print Habits Die Hard

It’s difficult to fault publishers for focusing their production workflows around print content. For one thing, it’s a reflection of the current market. With ebook growth slowing down and print holding strong, “typesetting for print is still a primary skill-set publishers need to maintain,” says leading ebook developer Laura Brady. But ebooks too often...

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Amazon-HarperCollins Contract Talks Sour

Its distribution contract up for renewal, HarperCollins is said to be refusing the terms Amazon has put on the table. According to a Business Insider report based on an unidentified Amazon source, the publisher has been offered “the same contract recently signed by Simon & Schuster, Hachette, and Macmillan.” If the impasse can’t be...

Amazon-HarperCollins Negotiations Peek into Public View

Amazon’s contract negotiations with HarperCollins have come to a something of an impasse, according to an anonymous source Business Insider reports as knowledgeable about the matter. It’s the first time the public has gotten any indication—however limited and hard to corroborate (HarperCollins has declined to comment)—that the publisher’s talks with Amazon may not be going smoothly. HarperCollins’s distribution contract...

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Global Ebook Opportunities Rising

A recent Pew study hints at growing opportunities for ebook publishers and retailers to reach more English-language readers around the world. Not only are rates of Internet use are higher among younger, more affluent, better educated members of the 32 developing countries Pew surveyed, those users also tend be social media savvy and read or speak...

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Emerging Global Internet Users Young, Social, Read English

A Pew study published last week finds that Internet use in emerging and developing countries is highest among younger, more affluent, better educated users who read English—all potentially good news for English-language ebook publishers setting down roots in international markets. Despite wide variation in the rates of access among the 32 countries Pew surveyed, national income correlated strongly to...

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What Drives Discovery the Best?

That’s a question publishers, start-ups and ebook retailers have been testing answers to for years. Two recent discovery initiatives don’t so much stake a new ground as offer a sense of how much of it stands between them in the current field. Going where a number have gone before, Penguin Random House earlier this...

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HarperCollins Expands Spanish Offering

Continuing to widen its international profile, HarperCollins launches two new divisions devoted to Spanish-language publishing. With HarperCollins Español and HarperCollins Iberica, the publisher plans to increase the volume of titles available for Spanish-language readers worldwide. The first of those is to be a translation of Harper Lee’s forthcoming Go Set a Watchman. HarperCollins CEO...

HarperCollins Increases Spanish-Language Output

[Press Release] HarperCollins Publishers Expands Spanish Language Publishing Forms HarperCollins Español and HarperCollins Iberica New York, NY (March 9, 2015) – HarperCollins Publishers today announced the expansion of its Spanish-language publishing efforts with the creation of HarperCollins Español and HarperCollins Iberica. Utilizing the existing framework in the Americas and Spain, the company will increase...


HarperCollins Expands Bookmate Offering

Many of the leading ebook subscription services are growing, both in terms of content and reach. Amazon brought Kindle Unlimited to Mexico and Canada less than two weeks ago. And earlier this month, Scribd added 10,000 digital comics to its subscription-based platform. Now Bookmate brings its total catalog up to 250,000 titles after adding...

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When Low Ebook Prices Aren’t Enough

As the economics of digital bookselling evolve, bargain prices don’t always pack the punch they once did in terms of driving sales. That’s partly a function of the sheer volume of titles being pumped into the market, but major publishers’ willingness to experiment with price promotions is also influencing readers’ buying habits and expectations....


Why All Publishers Can and Should Go Direct-to-Consumer

Many publishers think direct-to-consumer (D2C) programs are difficult to implement, expensive to operate and generate heaps of extra work that their bottom lines can never justify, leaving those initiatives the exclusive territory of only the biggest players in the industry. But all publishers can and should be developing D2C strategies, including—and especially—small and mid-size...


Amazon Prime Members Spending Big

By one recent estimate, Amazon Prime subscribers spend more than twice what the e-tailer’s other customers do. Prime members drop an average of $1,500 a year, compared with the $625 spent on average by non-Prime members, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The same research group estimated that about 7...

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Mobile Boom Spurs Ebook Growth in China

One of China’s largest booksellers reports its customers bought 60 million ebooks in 2014. That’s about 20% the volume of its hardcover sales but a share that’s risen by 10% since the previous year. As industry experts have said repeatedly over the past year, China’s book market is growing fast. And ebooks in particular are on...


iBooks Adding a Million New Users a Week

Apple's iBooks head Keith Moerer joins DBW15 to discuss the ebook business's rapid growth, charting the rise of audiobooks among ebook readers and beyond, Macmillan and Springer merge, rethinking social media and more.

HarperCollins Ebooks Get Airborne

The publisher and airline team up to offer an in-flight ebookstore, Kindle Unlimited rumored to set sights on Brazil, Adobe pushes latest fixed-layout EPUB tools, Kobo eyes self-publishing market in Europe and much more.

HarperCollins Takes Flight with JetBlue Ebook Partnership

When JetBlue rolls out its new in-flight digital content platform later this week, it will come equipped with a selection of samples of twenty best-selling ebooks published by HarperCollins. The deal between the publisher and the airline marks the latest in HarperCollins’s efforts at opening up new retail channels and digital marketing opportunities, beginning with the launch...

BitLit Bundles Elsevier Ebooks

Four months after HarperCollins launched a pilot program with the ebook bundling start-up BitLit, Elsevier follows suit. BitLit offers customers discounted ebook versions of titles they already own in print. More than two hundred publishers already offer their titles through BitLit’s bundling service, which currently consists of about 40,000 ebooks. Elsevier kicks off its own BitLit...

Forget the Book Launch

Why ebook marketing is increasingly about the long-game and relies less on a traditional book launch, Blurb gets competition from Reedsy in curating publishing services, Apple still dominates tablets on several fronts and much more.

Scribd Adds Audiobooks

Scribd offers 30,000 audiobook titles to subscribers in a bid for Audible customers, Simon & Schuster pleased with ebook sales on subscription platforms, HarperCollins wins Open Road Media suit, Android developers make strides and more.

Two Wins for HarperCollins

Sales are up 25% at HarperCollins in the first quarter of fiscal 2015. Total revenue is up $406 million, from $328 million last year. That’s largely thanks to two things: a “modest” boost from the addition of Harlequin, which HarperCollins acquired this summer, and the continued strong performance of Veronica Roth’s best-selling Divergent series,...

Oyster Goes Social for Discovery

The ebook subscription service adds a shareable recommendation feature to drive discovery, emerging markets to power Google Play growth, children's publishers adopt Lexile metric, Sherlock Holmes enters public domain and more.

Kobo Adds Marvel Digital Comics

Marvel adds more than 250 of its titles to Kobo's catalog, HarperCollins launches a new podcast series, ALA applauds Adobe's privacy patch and calls for further steps, subscription ebooks eyeing emerging markets and much more.

HarperCollins Widens Direct Marketing Push With Podcast Series

HarperCollins announces a weekly podcast program featuring conversations with some of the publisher’s top authors. The series, called “HarperCollins Presents,” builds on the publisher’s existing base of followers on SoundCloud, the audio streaming platform, and marks the latest in a coordinated effort to market directly to readers. HarperCollins launched a direct-to-consumer sales platform through its website...

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Big Data: Dispelling the Myths About One of Publishing’s Hottest Buzzwords

Introduction Big data was one of Frankfurt Book Fair’s hottest topics of discussion this year among digital publishing professionals. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute and author of the recent international best-seller Big Data, spoke forcefully about big data’s relevance to publishers and the insights they can...

Amazon Gets Physical

The e-tailer plans to open a physical store in Manhattan, Amazon arms authors with data and resources, ebooks on track to overtake print by 2018, HarperCollins adds titles to Bookmate's catalog, the latest on Adobe's data tracking and more.