The Four Horsemen and the Future of Publishing

The Four Horsemen and the Future of Publishing

Scott Galloway is a clinical professor at the NYU Stern School of Business, where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing. In 2012, Professor Galloway was named “One of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors” by Poets & Quants. He is also the founder of Red Envelope and Prophet Brand Strategy. Galloway was...

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The Four Horsemen and Publishing’s Future

Scott Galloway is a clinical professor at the NYU Stern School of Business, where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing. In 2012, Professor Galloway was named “One of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors” by Poets & Quants. He is also the founder of Red Envelope and Prophet Brand Strategy. Galloway was...

How Amazon Could Open ‘Profitable’ Retail Stores

How Amazon Could Open ‘Profitable’ Retail Stores

A Wall Street Journal story has propelled a rumor that Amazon will open 400 or more stores in malls into industry discussion. Nobody really knows whether it is true and, as I write this, Amazon has not commented for the record. If it is true, then I certainly am guilty of one wrong prediction....

A Brief History of Sales Channels

A Brief History of Sales Channels

One definition I‘ve seen and like of a “sales channel” is “a method of distribution used by a business to sell its product.” The digital age we are currently in has certainly spawned a multitude of new sales channels, yet they still fall into two basic categories, whether you’re doing B2B or B2C: direct...

Exploiting the Full Potential of the EPUB3 Format

Why Publishers Are Missing out by Not Using EPUB3

If you are a publisher of books that are not strictly narrative, are your ebooks a mirror image of your print books? Or have you taken advantage of the capabilities that the EPUB3 format provides to offer readers an enhanced reading experience? If not, Larry Bennett argues in a blog post for Digital Book...


Pentian CEO: ‘Publishing with a Purpose Is a Privilege’

In the latest entry in Digital Book World’s series Interviews in Innovation, we sat down with Enrique Parrilla, founder and CEO of the Spanish crowdfunding publisher Pentian. One trouble people find with crowdfunding projects is that once the donation is met, there is little incentive for backers to continue offering support. Pentian, however, has...

Amazon Killed the Bookstore. So It’s Opening a Bookstore

Amazon Killed the Bookstore. So It’s Opening a Bookstore

Bookstore owners already loathe Amazon for gutting the cost of books online and driving so many brick and mortar shops out of business. Now, the online retailer is both beating them and joining them, with the opening of its first physical bookstore in Seattle. Amazon Books, as the new store is called, will be...

Edtech’s Next Big Disruption Is the College Degree

Edtech’s Next Big Disruption Is the College Degree

For centuries, the college degree has been the global gold standard for assessing an individual entering the workforce. But after cornering the credentials market for nearly a millennium, the degree’s days alone at the top are most definitely numbered. By 2020, the traditional degree will have made room on its pedestal for a new...

Another Big SEO Factor for Publishers

Another Big SEO Factor for Publishers

When we talk about something being “meta,” we are aware of the self-referential nature of the object —a movie about a movie, a song about a song, etc. And when the prefix “meta” is used to talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is being self-referential in relation to your website. In this part...

Taste-Test Your Books: The Secret Sauce to Boost Sales

The Secret Sauce to Book Sales

“The publishing business is one of the few industries with the audacity to create a lot of new products without testing them on consumers first,” Rob Eagar writes in a blog post for Digital Book World. “Failing to test new products on consumers before launching them is a risky business move,” Eagar continues. “Yet...


How Authors Should Use Facebook

“Whether indie or traditionally published, most authors today can agree on one thing,” Teymour Shahabi writes in a blog post for DBW: “social media has helped redefine the way books are promoted and discovered.” But with a multitude of platforms and a maze of conflicting advice available online, what are the best social media...


Scribd Adjusts Subscription Model under Strain

Scribd cuts an unspecified number of romance and erotica ebooks from its subscription-based catalog, apparently because paying its content partners based on readers’ activity in the genre is becoming too burdensome. “We’ve grown to such a point that we are beginning to adjust the proportion of titles across genres to ensure that we can...

Amazon Google mobile e-commerce direct-to-consumer ebook publishers

Why the Amazon Question Is Also a Mobile One

Not long after upgrading its search algorithm to give pride of place to mobile-optimized sites, Google develops a plan to add ‘buy’ buttons to certain search results appearing on mobile devices. The move is reportedly aimed at stemming the tide of shoppers who get irritated trying to make purchases through retailers’ cumbersome mobile sites...

Amazon Google mobile e-commerce direct-to-consumer ebook publishers

The Mobile Future Is Now and Amazon Is Winning It

No, I’m not talking about the Fire Phone. Two recent moves by Google drive home an e-commerce lesson many book publishers worried about Amazon’s market dominance are beginning to learn themselves—that a great deal depends on owning customer relationships with mobile users. Last month Google updated its search algorithm to give priority to mobile-responsive websites, and on Friday the Wall...

EPUB ebook publishers digital production workflow

One EPUB to Rule Them All?

There are those who question whether EPUB is the optimal format for publishers to adhere to in producing digital content. Indeed, some argue that standards themselves hold back innovation. In the meantime, there’s disagreement among ebook developers who work in EPUB whether to generate an individual file to deliver to all retailers or to...

Penguin Random House Scribd subscription ebooks audiobooks Oyster

Penguin Random House Joins Scribd on Audiobooks

When Hachette and Penguin Random House joined in the launch of Oyster’s ebookstore last week, both made it clear they have no intention of putting their ebooks on the subscription model. But who said anything about audiobooks? Adding 9,000 digital audiobook titles to Scribd’s catalog, Penguin Random House deepens its collaboration with the major...

Kobo Michael Tamblyn ABA e-reading ebooks booksellers

Kobo Takes Aim at Kindle Voyage

Unveiling its newest device, the Glo HD, Kobo makes a play for the top shelf of the e-reader market. Retailing for $70 less than Amazon’s premium e-reader, the Kindle Voyage, the Glo HD boasts comparable specs, including six-inch, 300 ppi E Ink touchscreen, 1GHz of processing power and approximately two months of battery life....

Emma Barnes publishers branding direct-to-consumer

What Publishers Pay to Change Strategy

Adjusting to the digital market means continuously recalibrating investments to support strategic goals and the organizational resources for pursuing them. Bibliocloud founder Emma Barnes sees those costs as amounting to a “strategy tax” publishers and booksellers shoulder in order to compete. But more than just the “toll a business must pay in order to set the...

ebook discovery

What Drives Discovery the Best?

That’s a question publishers, start-ups and ebook retailers have been testing answers to for years. Two recent discovery initiatives don’t so much stake a new ground as offer a sense of how much of it stands between them in the current field. Going where a number have gone before, Penguin Random House earlier this...

mobile Google publishers SEO

Google Pushing Publishers to Go Mobile

If many publishers have yet to catch up with where their readers are, Google plans to pressure them to. A few weeks ago, Google made a rare announcement of a change set to weight mobile-responsive websites more favorably in searches. “It’s a push to make mobile responsiveness the new normal for everyone (including publishers),”...

Google publishers direct-to-consumer search SEO

Publishers Getting Left Behind on Mobile

Did you feel it? Did you feel the change? If you’re in the publishing world there’s a chance you didn’t. One reason for that could be you’ve been existing on the industry’s shifting sands for a while now. Maybe you’ve grown so used to change that it doesn’t even phase you anymore. But I...

Finding New Paths to Digital Readers

Paper Lantern Lit's co-founders on building a "story experience" tailored to digital readers today, inside Apple's ebook pricing appeal hearing, Google doubles down on e-commerce, Amazon updates Kindle iOS apps and much more.

Nook Returns to Audiobooks

The audiobook market heats up as Nook gets back into a game Scribd just joined, Simon & Schuster launches an online magazine, Open Road eyes Spanish ebook readers, why Penguin Random House should try subscription ebooks and more.

Wattpad Novel Scores Movie Deal

'After' by Wattpad author Anna Todd follows up its Simon & Schuster book deal by landing a movie deal with Paramount, the digital educational content market expands, Google and Apple face off on premium tablets and much more.

Big data features

Big Data: Dispelling the Myths About One of Publishing’s Hottest Buzzwords

Introduction Big data was one of Frankfurt Book Fair’s hottest topics of discussion this year among digital publishing professionals. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute and author of the recent international best-seller Big Data, spoke forcefully about big data’s relevance to publishers and the insights they can...

Amazon Offers Authors More Crowdsourcing

Amazon rolls out new "reader-powered" publishing program Kindle Scout, Google takes on Amazon Prime with new delivery service, pricier ebooks selling briskly, Aspen Institute assesses libraries' digital transition and much more.

Crowdsourcing at a Crossroads?

What's next for crowdsourced publishing, Perseus Books Group and Amazon reach agreement on ebook terms, ebooks still lag behind print sales, library discovery platform for indie ebooks expands and much more.

Kindle Unlimited Goes British

UK readers get Amazon's ebook subscription service, BookBub expands into UK market, Penguin Random House doubles down on movies, Amazon invests in hardware development, Authors United solicits Justice Department and more.

Authors United Mistaking Its Enemy?

Why complaining about Amazon might be the wrong approach for authors, an inside look at the state of children's publishing, six steps to connecting with readers, reevaluating Amazon Prime's customer base, Google's mobile e-commerce push in India and more.

Closing the Print-Digital Price Gap

One expert's suggestion for getting customers to pay more for digital content, a study says smartphone users aren't downloading new apps, Amazon buys video-streaming service Twitch, Pentian's growing appeal and more.