World Cup and Ebooks

E-reading habits in soccer-crazed countries, Richard Russo objects to Amazon’s latest move in Hachette battle, the FTC sues Amazon over children’s in-app purchases, Simon & Schuster partners with the U.S. military, and much more.

Crowdfunded Self-Publishing Expands

Pentian brings its model for Spanish-language books to the U.S. market, Omnific’s two new agreements, Simon & Schuster’s library ebooks’ impact on consortia, Google takes aim at Amazon and much more.

Getting Books to Market Quicker

Amazon Publishing and Rizzoli team up to accelerate the publishing process, when it’s cheaper investing in book companies than authors, New Zealanders prefer print and much more.

Ebook Publishing’s Long Tail Still Lives

The other side of the debate about the elusive long tail in the digital book market, Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter campaign successes, putting data to work in publishing, a new learning app and more.

The Written Word in Transition: An Interview With Lisa Gitelman

These days, it often feels like the publishing industry is at the crossroads where old technologies meet the new. But this transitional phase is not unique to our times. Over the years, writing formats have been in constant flux, from letterpress, to mimeograph, to PDFs and, …

France Passes ‘Anti-Amazon’ Law

France moves to protect independent bookstores, McGraw-Hill Education expanding onto Amazon’s home turf, confronting digital production challenges, a look back at Perseus Book Group’s history and much more.

U.S. Ebook Sales at $3 Billion

Revenues flattening out as predicted, Simon & Schuster widens ebook access for libraries, five tips for digital publishing start-ups, Forgotten Books launches subscription services and much more.

Thank You, Simon & Schuster

As reported earlier today, Simon & Schuster announced that it is converting its pilot on library ebook lending to a national program. Frankly, for some time I thought this day would never come. Flash back to a wintry day in …

What Amazon Wants From Hachette

Inside the terms of the dispute, why Japan no longer leads the world in ebooks, a retailer experiments with selling ebooks with multiple-user licenses, Spain cracks down on book piracy and much more.

Production Demands Push Publishers to Develop Software

Publishers aren’t software companies, at least according to digital production experts speaking at the International Digital Publishing Forum at Book Expo America in New York City this morning. But with publishers striving to develop ever more cutting-edge digital products, that could …

Self-Published Authors Predict Fewer Hybrids, More Indie Clout

Related: What Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors? | Work on Authors by Sociologist Dana Beth Weinberg “We do what we want,” best-selling indie author Bella Andre said, pithily summing up the advantages self-published writers enjoy in the digital marketplace, …

Children’s Ebook Sales Stats From Europe

Digital was the focus for many children’s publishers attending this year’s London Book Fair, and we saw a significant increase in the number of walk-ups enquiring about the Children’s ebook market with questions primarily around the size of the market, …

iPad Struggles Against Competitors

New research suggests Apple’s tablet business isn’t growing nearly as fast as it’s competitors’, an inside look at the Amazon-Hachette standoff, Scribd gets more interactive and more.

Trend-Spotting in the Ebook Market

Looking for patterns in ebook sales data, a new organization for a new breed of authors, Epic! expands its kids’ ebook subscription library, finding publishing’s future in its recent past and more.

Three Trends Among Ebook Readers

This Wednesday, Digital Book World and The Huffington Post Books are co-hosting an exclusive, specially-priced webcast (just $9.99) to find out what ebook readers are actually reading. What limited data exists on ebook sales still doesn’t tell you much about …

Monetizing the Back-List

Tips for gaining new income from old titles, taking stock of the slowdown in digital growth, two problems libraries face from ebooks, Encyclopaedia Britannica expands and more.

When Ebooks Meet Book Art

The Center for Book Arts takes a digital turn, Taschen’s ebook artistry, Books-A-Million selling fewer books, insight into the Arab reading world and more.