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Winners of the 2015 Digital Book Awards Announced at Gala Hosted by Ira Wolfman

The Digital Book Awards celebrate quality and innovation in digital content. Each year, award winners and finalists in fifteen categories illustrate the cutting edge of digital publishing, showcasing creative approaches to design, technology integration and e-reading experiences. The awards encompass all forms of digital content available to readers as ebooks, enhanced digital books and apps, to highlight and reward the work...

Doing More with Data

The need to improve data-driven publishing tactics grows more urgent, announcing finalists for the 2015 Digital Book Awards, Scribd adds Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ebooks, linking websites and social media book marketing and more.

2015 Digital Book Awards Finalists Announced

—More information on the 2015 Digital Book Awards —Q&A with Digital Book Awards Program Director Anne Kostick –Conversations with 2015 Digital Book Award Judges Joshua Tallent, Drew Podwal, Peter Costanzo and Franco Alvarado [Press Release] Digital Book Award Finalists Exemplify Publishing Excellence; Winners to Be Announced at Digital Book World Conference + Expo, Jan. 13...

The Costs of Low-Cost Ebook Conversion

How the first wave of print-to-digital conversions created issues ebook publishers increasingly need to confront, publisher leaves Amazon Publishing, gambling on books by YouTube stars, ebook series still paying off and more.

How Publishers Can Regain Leverage

Author and 'New Yorker' contributor Ken Auletta on whether publishers can--or should--up their clout in Amazon negotiations, unfinished business for Authors United, Kobo sizes up the global ebook market and much more.

Raising the Bar on Digital Content: Q&A with Digital Book Awards Program Director Anne Kostick

It’s been an eventful year for digital publishing, to say the least. But it was sometimes easy for business-related news–like the Amazon-Hachette dispute and its recent resolution–to occlude less dramatic but noteworthy milestones in ebook technology and content development. That’s one reason the Digital Book Awards exists: to recognize real achievement and quality in digital publishing, and...

Lights Out for Enhanced Ebooks?

Whether it's still worth developing interactive digital content, a breakthrough in screen technology, why Apple is courting Alibaba, Amazon Prime stays hot as Fire Phone goes cold, mounting privacy concerns for mobile users and more.

Rethinking Ebooks and Media Tie-Ins

A closer look at the relationship between best-selling ebooks and TV and film adaptations, subscription ebooks redefine "publisher," reassessing Barnes & Noble's prospects, Amazon looks to the Netherlands, Perseus takes sales team global and more.

Apple’s Big Move

How Apple's iOS 8 could shift the e-reading terrain by adding many more iBooks customers, future-proofing ebooks, rumors of a new Kindle on the horizon, inside Amazon's new Kindle Direct payouts and much more.

Team-Produced Stories: An Author Perspective

The stereotype of the lonely writer scribbling away in isolation is an old and entrenched one. And for good reason. Being the vessel for great stories and characters to emerge into words takes a lot of thought, writing, and re-writing – and these are solitary activities. But the way we entertain and inform these...

Enhancing Ebooks: An Author Perspective

Right now we are facing a game-changing moment in publishing, where publication is possible for those who might never have achieved it before, an opportunity created by the rise of digital publishing. As an author I am excited by the opportunities that the digital medium presents and keen to find new ways to entertain...

Closing the Print-Digital Price Gap

One expert's suggestion for getting customers to pay more for digital content, a study says smartphone users aren't downloading new apps, Amazon buys video-streaming service Twitch, Pentian's growing appeal and more.

Book Marketing Blueprint

Retooling marketing strategies for the digital era, Amazon's retort to German authors, "sorceress" turns songstress on Pottermore, Firebrand's new ebook QA tool, tips for making book apps and much more.

Firebrand Launches Ebook Production Checking Tool: FlightDeck

Related: For the best in innovative, high-quality ebooks, check out the Digital Book Awards.  [Press Release] Firebrand Technologies, a leading publishing industry technology services company, announced today that FlightDeck, the new EPUB quality assurance tool from Firebrand’s eBook Architects team, has been officially launched out of Beta testing. FlightDeck gives publishers and authors clear...

LeVar Burton Explains to Kids How Twitter Works on ‘Tweeting Rainbow’

When it comes to Twitter, you can take LeVar Burton’s word for it. The Reading Rainbow creator and host made a stop at talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live to create a spoof sketch of his long-running show and now kids digital book start-up called “Tweeting Rainbow.” The video (below) explains Twitter to children and...

The Rules of the Amazon Universe

Amazon's calculus in context, UK authors call traditional publishing "unsustainable," questioning Amazon's sincerity on royalty offer, Amazon snubs French 'no free shipping' law, surveying digital innovation and more.

The Written Word in Transition: An Interview With Lisa Gitelman

These days, it often feels like the publishing industry is at the crossroads where old technologies meet the new. But this transitional phase is not unique to our times. Over the years, writing formats have been in constant flux, from letterpress, to mimeograph, to PDFs and, now, digital books. Lisa Gitelman studies the history of documents at New York University....

Free Webcast: Discovering Innovation in Digital Books—A Treasure Hunt

Join us on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT for a roundtable-style webcast showcasing the cutting-edge in digital publishing. So many digital books, so little time! Here at Digital Book World, we’re always on the lookout for exciting, elegant and innovative digital books–yes, they’re out there!–that inspire...

Photo Highlights from the 2014 Digital Book Awards

The Digital Book Awards recognize innovation, creativity and excellence in all aspects of digital book publishing. Winners of the 2014 Digital Book Awards were announced at a gala dinner in New York City hosted by LeVar Burton on Monday, January 13, 2013. Here are a few highlights from the evening. Publishers, authors, agents and digital...

HarperCollins Partners With Digital Book Award-Winning Niantic Labs on New Transmedia Project

Related: Niantic Wins Digital Book Award for Best Transmedia Project, Presented by LeVar Burton [Press Release] HarperCollins, Google’s Niantic Labs, 20th Century Fox Collaborate With Bestselling Author James Frey On Next Generation Cross-Media Project, ENDGAME NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — HarperCollins Publishers US and UK announced today that it has acquired English...

Digital Book World Winners Announced

[Press Release] Digital Book Awards Winners Announced     January 14, 2014 – NEW YORK – During a gala event tonight at the Digital Book World Conference & Expo in New York City hosted by LeVar Burton, Actor and Co-Founder of  Reading Rainbow, the Digital Book World team announced the winners of the Digital Book...

Winners of 2014 Digital Book Awards Announced at Gala Dinner Hosted by LeVar Burton

The Digital Book Awards recognize innovation, creativity and excellence in all aspects of digital book publishing. Each year, award winners and finalists in 15 categories demonstrate fresh thinking, inspired design, and bold technology integration, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this constantly evolving publishing arena. The awards encompass all forms of digital publishing...

Ten Bold Predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 2014

It’s been another exciting year for the publishing industry – perhaps the most dynamic in the history of the business. Seeing as though 2013 is just about over, we’ve gathered more publishing experts to predict what extraordinary events are to come in book publishing in 2014. In the interest of being truly bold, we’re...