Enabling a Global Marketing Strategy

By Evan Schnittman | “It is incredibly important to market a title coherently and wisely with a single brand and publish everywhere at the same time.”

Rethinking Contracts and Copyrights

DBW WEBcast: Explore the conflicts and opportunities presented by digital rights (ebooks and beyond), and discuss alternative models.

Crossing Borders on Demand

By Emily Williams | “An alternative to the established business of rights sales: direct, disintermediated access to readers in other countries.”

The Thorny Issue of eBook Royalties

By Sharon Blackie BA (Hons), MA, PhD || “On the average e-book… we don’t make any more than we do on the sale of an average print book.”

Tomorrow’s Book Contract

By Jane Friedman || “Splitting the rights sounds tasty, but that would push down the e-book price since that rights holder has no stake in the print version of the book.”

The Price is Right: Not Just an eBook Issue

Digital Book World addresses pricing issues, new business models, and strategies for moving forward “While I take a back seat to no one in arguing that publishers owe it to readers to provide books in all formats at reasonable prices… …

Rewriting the Rules of Risk and Reward

Rewriting the rules of risk and reward is the underlying theme of the session Back-Loaded Book Deals: No (and Low) Advance Contracts, Profit-Sharing and Other Innovative Business Models, with Roger Cooper of Vanguard (Perseus) and Robert Miller of HarperStudio (HarperCollins).