Tomorrow’s Book Contract

By Jane Friedman || "Splitting the rights sounds tasty, but that would push down the e-book price since that rights holder has no stake in the print version of the book."

The Price is Right: Not Just an eBook Issue

Digital Book World addresses pricing issues, new business models, and strategies for moving forward “While I take a back seat to no one in arguing that publishers owe it to readers to provide books in all formats at reasonable prices… and that the customer ultimately drives the business, it’s important to remember that publishers...

Rewriting the Rules of Risk and Reward

Rewriting the rules of risk and reward is the underlying theme of the session Back-Loaded Book Deals: No (and Low) Advance Contracts, Profit-Sharing and Other Innovative Business Models, with Roger Cooper of Vanguard (Perseus) and Robert Miller of HarperStudio (HarperCollins).