Ebook App Creation Demystified: A Case Study

This blog post is an excerpt from a case study that is available as a PDF download from Digital Book World. To download the entire case study, click here. In digital publishing today, storybook app creation is still a niche. …

JFK: 50 Days – Building an App

By Peter Costanzo | “The structure of the ’50 days’ concept helped keep us focused since there was so much archival footage to watch.”

Enabling a Global Marketing Strategy

By Evan Schnittman | “It is incredibly important to market a title coherently and wisely with a single brand and publish everywhere at the same time.”

Learning from Ellora’s Cave

By Tim Brandhorst || “The laughter was gradually replaced by an awed silence as Raelene Gorlinsky described with perfect clarity how Ellora’s Cave has evolved.”

The $75 eBook: A True Story

By Aaron Wall || “If people do not pay for information they tend not to respect it enough to act on it.”