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How Planning Your Audiobook Can Make You a Better Writer

As an audiobook narrator, I encourage every author to get her work into audio. However, regardless of whether you ever want to create audiobooks of your titles, these four tips from other authors about planning your audiobook will make you a better writer. 1. Listen to audiobooks. This first piece of advice surprises many...

Data Guy

DBW Interview with Data Guy, Co-Founder, Author Earnings

Who exactly is Data Guy? We know he’s the numbers wizard behind Author Earnings—a collaboration between himself and self-published mega-author Hugh Howey. And we know that he’s anonymous. But that’s pretty much it. In the past two years, Data Guy’s Author Earnings reports have become an increasingly popular resource for authors, shedding light on...

A Look at How Three Publishers Are Doing It

A Look at How Three Publishers Are Doing It

The publishing industry has encountered plenty of change in the past decade, most acutely due to the consumers’ mass adoption of digital content, which has been widely reported. Accordingly, the old stalwarts have been forced to adapt in a competitive environment, and this has opened up opportunities for smaller, more agile publishing groups to...