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In Defense of Many Ebook Formats

Amazon tends to take flak for hanging onto its proprietary Kindle ebook format. But as digital production expert Joshua Tallent sees it, that’s a little unfair. “Apple has iBooks Author, Barnes & Noble has proprietary formats for children’s books and fixed-layout nonfiction and Inkling has a proprietary XML format, just to name a few.”...

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How to Spot a Breakout Author

It’s been noted how a dearth of available sales data continues to bedevil efforts at gaining a clear, accurate picture of the ebook market. But publishers have learned to make strategic decisions based on more limited slices of information. As one case in point, Iobyte Solutions founder Dan Lubart shows how comparing trends on...

Digital Book World Retires Ebook Best-Seller List, Launches New Column

After nearly three years of tracking the top 25 best-selling ebooks each week, Digital Book World is retiring our popular Ebook Best-Seller List. Past editions can still be found here, spanning August 2012 through April 2015. But because making sense of the limited sales data that freely exists about the ebook market remains a top priority for authors...

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What Best-Seller Lists Can Tell about Authors’ Potential

This is the first post in Digital Book World’s new “Databox” column. Learn more about it here. Publishers have long sought out authors with the potential to reach wider audiences if brought under their own roofs. Especially in genres where ebooks have performed well, like romance and sci-fi, list growth often depends in part on how...

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Best-Selling Ebook Prices Rise Before HarperCollins Restores Agency

This week’s Ebook Best-Seller List captures the week ending April 11th, so it doesn’t reflect the return to agency pricing HarperCollins put into effect starting this Tuesday, the 14th. So the modest rise in the average price of a best-seller, from $6.66 last week to $6.98, isn’t a function of that switch. But since all six HarperCollins...

Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List

Prices Climb on Ebook Best-Seller List as Hawkins Holds No. 1

The average price of a best-seller inches up to $6.66 from $6.14 last week on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List as higher-priced titles crowd the upper rankings. Five of the top ten cost more than $10. And speaking of tens, this week marks the tenth that The Girl on the Train, the best-selling thriller...

Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List

Seasoned Authors Dominate Ebook Best-Seller List as Average Price Rises

All four of the new titles to hit this week’s Ebook Best-Seller List are by best-selling authors, like Harlan Coben and John Green, whose previous books have found broad appeal among readers. That’s hardly surprising for a best-seller list, of course, and it’s something we’ve seen before. In the cases of John Green’s 2009 novel Paper Towns and Diana...

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Prices Swoon on Ebook Best-Seller List as New and Familiar Players Mingle

It’s not always easy to tell what makes an ebook successful. Film adaptations certainly help, as does the name-recognition of a popular author with a large fan base. Those are two probable reasons why the entirety of Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy is back on this week’s list, just as the Insurgent movie hits theaters, and James Patterson’s NYPD...

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Penguin Random House Still Sweeping Ebook Best-Seller List

Even as we’ve looked for signs of renewed agency ebook pricing impacting best-selling ebooks (and found few), and remarked on the continued power of media tie-ins to shape the rankings, the real story is a rather old one: the ongoing dominance of the world’s largest trade publisher, Penguin Random House. During the last holiday season, Penguin Random...

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‘The Girl on the Train’ Extends Lead as Best-Selling Ebook Prices Creep up

Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train is settling into its fourth week at the top of the Ebook Best-Seller List, seemingly immune from the game of musical chairs other best-selling titles appear to be playing. Many of those, including Wild, Gone Girl, American Sniper, Unbroken, and the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy—all three titles of which hit the top 25 for the first time...


Looking Beyond Ebooks, Scribd Bulks up

Scribd has doubled its content offering over the past six months, hitting the 1 million mark after adding 10,000 digital comics yesterday. In the course of that expansion, the label typically used to describe Scribd’s main program–“ebook subscription service”–has become a bit of a misnomer. Scribd expanded into audiobooks last November, adding 30,000 titles...

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Harper Lee and E L James Command Ebook Best-Seller List

As we speculated might happen, both of the titles in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy that debuted last week on the Ebook Best-Seller List last week have made mighty leaps up the rankings ahead of the film adaptation’s release this Valentine’s Day. Fifty Shades of Grey is now the No. 4 title and Fifty Shades Freed No. 9, while Paula Hawkins’s The...


‘Fifty Shades’ Returns to Ebook Best-Seller List Ahead of Film Release

With a hotly anticipated film adaptation of the E L James best-seller ready to hit theaters this Valentine’s Day, two titles in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy return to the Ebook Best-Seller List. The eponymous first book of the series as well as its third installment, Fifty Shades Freed, slide into the No. 18 and No. 21 spots, respectively....

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Gumroad Takes Ebooks to Android Users

The e-commerce platform that recently helped Hachette sell ebooks on Twitter launches a mobile app for Android. Gumroad says its December pilot program with Hachette was a success, in one case allowing author and musician Amanda Palmer to sell 100 copies of her book within twenty minutes of tweeting a ‘buy’ button to her...

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‘American Sniper’ Hits Ebook Best-Seller List Twice

The well-known power of media tie-ins to drive sales of best-selling ebooks was on ample display in the second half of last year, and the phenomenon shows no signs of diminishing in the first few weeks of 2015. American Sniper lands not one but two places on this week’s Ebook Best-Seller List as the film adaptation starring Bradley Cooper plays in...

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Subscription Ebook Race Gets More Global

Bookmate adds 200,000 English-language titles as the subscription ebook competition heats up internationally, why print and ebook sales cycles may be diverging, agency's return makes little dent on the best-seller list and much more.

kids e-reading ebooks DBW15 children's publishers PlayCollective

Kids Gain Control Over Their E-Reading

Why more children's publishers are training their focus on kids themselves rather than their parents, Macmillan enters a shifting subscription ebook landscape, Penguin Publishing Group reshuffles upper ranks and more news from DBW15.

The Costs of Low-Cost Ebook Conversion

How the first wave of print-to-digital conversions created issues ebook publishers increasingly need to confront, publisher leaves Amazon Publishing, gambling on books by YouTube stars, ebook series still paying off and more.


Average Price Stays Low as Ebooks in Series Crowd Best-Seller List

Last week saw a precipitous drop in the average price of a best-selling ebook, from $7.21 to $5.68. Holiday discounting seemed a likely contributor, since the change coincided with the week leading up to Black Friday. This week’s best-seller list appears to confirm those suspicions, with the average price slipping by a few cents more, to...

Familiar Titles Return, Average Price Drops on Ebook Best-Seller List

In a sign that the holiday shopping season was already getting underway the week before Black Friday, familiar best-sellers made renewed appearances on the Ebook Best-Seller List as the average price of a best-selling ebook dipped considerably, from $7.21 to $5.68. Some of 2014’s heavy-hitters, like John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars and...


Slight Gains for Hachette Ebooks on Best-Seller List After Amazon Accord

It’s probably too early expect any major difference for Hachette’s titles on the Ebook Best-Seller List just one week after the publisher settled its dispute with Amazon. In any case, no sweeping change is to be found, with only slim gains for Hachette ebooks in the nine days after the companies agreed to “immediately resume normal trading” on November 13. Hachette’s top...

Open Road Doubles Down on Spanish-Language Ebooks

Related: Emerging Markets and Global Distribution Opportunities Explored at Digital Book World 2015 [Press Release] OPEN ROAD ESPAÑOL PARTNERS WITH ROCA EDITORIAL IN PUBLISHING A SLATE OF BESTSELLING EBOOKS Open Road’s Spanish Imprint, Open Road Español, Will Market and Distribute Spanish-Language Ebook Translations of Bestselling Contemporary Fiction Backlist Titles from Authors Michael Connelly, Neil Gaiman,...


New Ebooks by Veteran Authors Storm Best-Seller List

This week sees a number of changes on the ebook best-seller list, beginning right at the very top. Stephen King’s new novel Revival knocks John Grisham’s Gray Mountain down a peg to No. 2, after the latter spent two weeks at No. 1. Grisham and King are among the best-known and best-selling authors in the world, and although nearly half of...

Nook Expands Publishing Services

Nook adds to its slate of offerings for publishing services as that marketplace expands, brushing up on metadata before the holiday shopping season, ebooks by self-published authors comprise a fifth of the best-seller list and much more.