Microsoft Bids Nook Adieu

Barnes & Noble agrees to buy out Microsoft’s stake in Nook Media, why Walmart should set its sights on Nook, Barnes & Noble has another weak quarter, weighing whether Amazon can be constrained and whether or not it should, 3M adds audiobooks and more.

Nook Returns to Audiobooks

The audiobook market heats up as Nook gets back into a game Scribd just joined, Simon & Schuster launches an online magazine, Open Road eyes Spanish ebook readers, why Penguin Random House should try subscription ebooks and more.

Nook Launches Audiobook App for Android

Nook launches an audiobook app for Android users, sweetening the deal by bundling two free audiobook titles with first-time downloads of the new app for a limited time. Earlier this month, Scribd added audiobooks to its subscription ebook platform in a move …

Land Rover Tries Ebook Publishing

The automaker releases an enhanced ebook as part of a new marketing campaign, Barnes & Noble tries ebook bundling, Amazon buys ‘.book’ domain, Nook Media cuts staff, pricing worries stymie ebook growth in Europe and much more.

Two Wins for HarperCollins

Sales are up 25% at HarperCollins in the first quarter of fiscal 2015. Total revenue is up $406 million, from $328 million last year. That’s largely thanks to two things: a “modest” boost from the addition of Harlequin, which HarperCollins …

Hope for the Future of Books

A new study finds reading and library use are strong among younger Americans, HarperCollins enters the Chinese book market, Barnes & Noble bemoans ebook prices, new leadership at Andrews McMeel and more.

Nook on the Brink?

Tracking Nook’s steady decline and forecasting what comes next, two new iPhones ideal for e-reading but no Apple mention of ebooks, Rakuten pushes intol the U.S. market, an upset on the ebook best-seller list, trade sales dip at Wiley and much more.

Charting Nook’s Decline

Barnes & Noble’s Nook division hasn’t fared well over the past four years. What was once thought to be the only credible challenger to Amazon’s dominance of the ebook business in the U.S. has fallen into a distant second or …

Barnes & Noble Narrows Losses as Revenues Decline in First Quarter

Barnes & Noble improved its first quarter performance over last year,  narrowing losses considerably even as revenues continued to decline. The Nook division in particular got much smaller, shrinking by more than half. The company lost $28.4 million (or $0.56 …

Samsung Doubles Down on Publishing, Sponsors Frankfurt Book Fair

Just weeks after announcing its new reading-focused tablet in partnership with Barnes & Noble, electronics giant Samsung is back in book new again, announcing a wide-ranging partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair (details below). Related: Will the New Nook Samsung …

Barnes & Noble Brings Nook With Glowlight to UK

[Press Release] Barnes & Noble Introduces the Lighter, Brighter NOOK GlowLight^™ to the UK The Lightest NOOK^® Ever – Excellent for Long-Form Reading, with Perfectly-Lit Pages, Sharper Text and Twice the Storage Available Today for Just £89 from Argos, ASDA, …

Ebook Publishing’s Long Tail Still Lives

The other side of the debate about the elusive long tail in the digital book market, Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter campaign successes, putting data to work in publishing, a new learning app and more.

Barnes & Noble to Spin Off Nook Business

Correction: An earlier version of this story did not admit the possibility that Nook could be sold to a private investor before 2015. The story has been changed to reflect this possibility.  Barnes & Noble will spin off its long-troubled …

Amazon-Hachette Battle: Another Turning Point?

The Amazon-Hachette feud has been on going for over a month. Everyone has an opinion. Most of the press and book industry pundits take Hachette’s side; even Stephen Colbert has weighed in. The usual Amazon defenders have stepped up with …

How Much Money the Biggest Publishers Actually Make

Over the past ten years, sales at the largest publishers in the world have leveled as the book industry felt the effects of recession and of the ebook revolution. According to a new analysis from DBW-partner Publishers Lunch, the worldwide …

Barnes & Noble and Samsung Partner on New Nook Tablet

With Nook on the ropes and Samsung quickly abandoning its ebook aspirations, the two have partnered on a new Nook tablet, which will marry “leading Samsung tablet technology with the award-winning Nook reading experience,” according to a press release. The …

An Ebook’s Best Salesperson

Four steps to crafting an effective book blurb, Macmillan launches rewards program with Swagbucks, Smashwords and OverDrive push indie books into libraries and much more.

Most Americans Now Reading Ebooks?

A new poll suggests e-reading is more prevalent than does another recent study, Barnes & Noble’s founder reduces his stake in the company, Samsung gets a custom Kindle app, Oyster teams up with Spritz and much more.