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Scribd Selects New VP of Strategy

The subscription content platform Scribd announced today that it has hired its first Vice President of Strategy and New Content Verticals, Theresa Horner. Horner comes most recently from Barnes & Noble, where she served as Vice President of Digital Content and worked on the Nook ereader. Before that, she was Senior Director of Operations...

Why the Future Is Freelance

Smart outsourcing, according to John Bond, “helps bring about effective change as and when you need it, and it empowers your internal team.” Bond, the CEO of whitefox, a UK network of publishing freelancers, argues in this DBW post that when it comes to keeping everything in-house, “this particular ship has already sailed. The...


Amazon Doing More for Authors than Publishers Are

“Most of Amazon’s success is due to their own stellar performance: innovating, investing, executing, and having a vision of what could happen as they grew,” writes Mike Shatzkin. Moreover, most of what Amazon has done to boost its business has “benefited most publishers and helped them grow their sales and their profitability.” These two...

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Mobile Putting New Focus on Customer Relationships

There’s reason to believe the major tech companies understand a lesson outside publishing that’s steadily reshaping the rules of the game within it. Google recently took steps to sharpen its e-commerce edge against Amazon among mobile users. Yet few observers believe Google wants to become an e-tailer itself. Rather, the race is for relationships...

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Training to Win as the Publishing Game Changes

Inkling’s Matt MacInnis has had some strong words for publishers lately. He’s argued that their key product—the book—is losing its value to consumers and that, as a result, “the software industry is eating publishing for breakfast.” But by his own account, there’s more to that story. “Every established publisher has pockets of innovation,” MacInnis...

Ronald Boire Barnes & Noble Nook retail bookstores

Barnes & Noble Beats a Path Back to Retail

Barnes & Noble names a new CEO to help steer the company back toward its roots as a bookstore chain after the spinoff of its college division is completed this summer. Ronald D. Boire, the head of Sears Canada, comes to Barnes & Noble with executive-level experience in retail and consumer technology, with a...

Barnes & Noble Ronald Boire Nook bookstores retail bookselling

Barnes & Noble Selects New CEO to Refocus on Retail

The bookseller appoints Ronald D. Boire, the current head of Sears Canada, to serve as CEO of Barnes & Noble’s retail division beginning in early September. He is set to continue at the helm of the bookstore business that will remain after Barnes & Noble spins off its college division this summer. Boire will succeed Michael Huseby, who will become Executive...

Apple ebook antitrust price-fixing Denise Cote

Apple Loses Antitrust Appeal

An appeals court yesterday affirmed Judge Denise Cote’s 2013 verdict finding Apple guilty of violating antitrust laws by conspiring with publishers to fix ebook prices. The majority opinion in the two-to-one ruling finds Cote’s judgment in the case “amply supported and well-reasoned.” But a dissent from the third judge on the panel lays the...

Disney Publishing Worldwide children's books interactive digital media

Disney Rethinks Publishing in a Tech-Driven Market

The Walt Disney Company combines two divisions into a new Consumer Products and Interactive Media segment, in response to what the company calls “changing consumer preferences in a marketplace increasingly influenced by technology.” Disney Publishing Worldwide will now be housed within the combined segment, which Disney says will be better positioned to utilize its...

Emma Barnes Bibliocloud coding ebook publishers

What Programmers Can Teach Publishers

“If publishers had zero tolerance for repetition and boring administrative tasks,” Bibliocloud CEO Emma Barnes asks, “what would the industry look like? And how would publishers’ organizations reflect that internally?” Barnes learned how to code only after founding a small press, and she says the experience has since made her a better publisher. Programmers,...

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Focused Book Marketing in a Fragmented Market

“The key change authors and publishers need to embrace—and it’s a change that’s both an opportunity and a challenge—is that the book discovery landscape is fracturing,” Goodreads co-founder and CEO Otis Chandler says. Some see that shift leading to readers exercising more control over how content is curated and discovered. For publishers, Chandler explains,...

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Rakuten Buys OverDrive

The company that Kobo’s former head once called the “Amazon of Japan” significantly enlarges its ebook business by scooping up OverDrive in a $410 million deal announced yesterday. Acquiring the library distributor is Rakuten’s latest major push into the digital content space, one of three key growth areas the Japan-based company says it’s targeting....

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When the Indie Math Doesn’t Add up

There’s little argument that most self-publishing platforms offer authors a far greater share of the income from their work than traditional publishing contracts often do. But there’s usually more to the equation. One key variable no route to publication can ever guarantee is sales. And in many cases if authors find they’re unable to...

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Google Pushing Publishers to Go Mobile

If many publishers have yet to catch up with where their readers are, Google plans to pressure them to. A few weeks ago, Google made a rare announcement of a change set to weight mobile-responsive websites more favorably in searches. “It’s a push to make mobile responsiveness the new normal for everyone (including publishers),”...


Getting to Know What Readers Go After

While “understanding searchers’ intentions and aligning marketing content with their queries” is fairly common outside the book world, according to marketing expert Peter McCarthy, it’s not yet a major part of publishers’ search engine optimization (SEO) practices. But identifying readers’ interests is in some ways easier than many might believe. That research starts with...

Barnes & Noble Nook college bookstores

Barnes & Noble Spins off College Division

The bookseller announced yesterday it will separate its retail and ebook businesses from its college books business, with plans to set the latter up as a standalone education company by the end of August. That raises the question of whether Barnes & Noble’s plans for Nook Media have changed. While the company has said...

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Barnes & Noble Splits off College Division to Form Standalone Company

[Press Release] Barnes & Noble to Separate College Business from Retail and NOOK Digital Businesses Will Create Two Highly Focused Companies with Different Growth Profiles and Enhanced Flexibility to Pursue Independent Operating Strategies NEW YORK, NY – February 26, 2015 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), today announced the filing of a Registration...

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Mobile Boom Spurs Ebook Growth in China

One of China’s largest booksellers reports its customers bought 60 million ebooks in 2014. That’s about 20% the volume of its hardcover sales but a share that’s risen by 10% since the previous year. As industry experts have said repeatedly over the past year, China’s book market is growing fast. And ebooks in particular are on...

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Subscription Ebook Race Gets More Global

Bookmate adds 200,000 English-language titles as the subscription ebook competition heats up internationally, why print and ebook sales cycles may be diverging, agency's return makes little dent on the best-seller list and much more.

Microsoft Bids Nook Adieu

Barnes & Noble agrees to buy out Microsoft's stake in Nook Media, why Walmart should set its sights on Nook, Barnes & Noble has another weak quarter, weighing whether Amazon can be constrained and whether or not it should, 3M adds audiobooks and more.

Nook Returns to Audiobooks

The audiobook market heats up as Nook gets back into a game Scribd just joined, Simon & Schuster launches an online magazine, Open Road eyes Spanish ebook readers, why Penguin Random House should try subscription ebooks and more.

Nook Launches Audiobook App for Android

Nook launches an audiobook app for Android users, sweetening the deal by bundling two free audiobook titles with first-time downloads of the new app for a limited time. Earlier this month, Scribd added audiobooks to its subscription ebook platform in a move meant to give Amazon’s Audible a run for its money. An audio streaming start-up...

Land Rover Tries Ebook Publishing

The automaker releases an enhanced ebook as part of a new marketing campaign, Barnes & Noble tries ebook bundling, Amazon buys '.book' domain, Nook Media cuts staff, pricing worries stymie ebook growth in Europe and much more.

Two Wins for HarperCollins

Sales are up 25% at HarperCollins in the first quarter of fiscal 2015. Total revenue is up $406 million, from $328 million last year. That’s largely thanks to two things: a “modest” boost from the addition of Harlequin, which HarperCollins acquired this summer, and the continued strong performance of Veronica Roth’s best-selling Divergent series,...

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Big Data: Dispelling the Myths About One of Publishing’s Hottest Buzzwords

Introduction Big data was one of Frankfurt Book Fair’s hottest topics of discussion this year among digital publishing professionals. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute and author of the recent international best-seller Big Data, spoke forcefully about big data’s relevance to publishers and the insights they can...

Hope for the Future of Books

A new study finds reading and library use are strong among younger Americans, HarperCollins enters the Chinese book market, Barnes & Noble bemoans ebook prices, new leadership at Andrews McMeel and more.

Nook on the Brink?

Tracking Nook's steady decline and forecasting what comes next, two new iPhones ideal for e-reading but no Apple mention of ebooks, Rakuten pushes intol the U.S. market, an upset on the ebook best-seller list, trade sales dip at Wiley and much more.

Charting Nook’s Decline

Barnes & Noble’s Nook division hasn’t fared well over the past four years. What was once thought to be the only credible challenger to Amazon’s dominance of the ebook business in the U.S. has fallen into a distant second or third position in the marketplace (Apple at this point may sell more ebooks than...

Barnes & Noble Narrows Losses as Revenues Decline in First Quarter

Barnes & Noble improved its first quarter performance over last year,  narrowing losses considerably even as revenues continued to decline. The Nook division in particular got much smaller, shrinking by more than half. The company lost $28.4 million (or $0.56 per share) in what is typically a weak quarter, versus $87 million a year ago....

Samsung Doubles Down on Publishing, Sponsors Frankfurt Book Fair

Just weeks after announcing its new reading-focused tablet in partnership with Barnes & Noble, electronics giant Samsung is back in book new again, announcing a wide-ranging partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair (details below). Related: Will the New Nook Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Turn the Tide for Barnes & Noble? [Press Release] Samsung Announced...