The Future of Fixed-Layout Ebooks

How ebook designers can impact what comes next, Amazon widens cloud storage access and gains support for drone delivery, Audible gets into discovery, digital opportunities in Latin America and more.

Closing the Print-Digital Price Gap

One expert’s suggestion for getting customers to pay more for digital content, a study says smartphone users aren’t downloading new apps, Amazon buys video-streaming service Twitch, Pentian’s growing appeal and more.

Amazon Adds to Media Arsenal With Twitch Acquisition

Amazon announced today that it’s buying the popular live video streaming service Twitch for $970 million. The deal comes after Google, which already owns YouTube, reportedly walked away, fearing antitrust repercussions. Twitch is primarily a platform for video gamers to share live streams of the …

Progress and New Directions With Ebooks

What to watch for as ebooks enter their adolescence, Apple could be slyly needling Amazon through the iBooks store, rumors of a new waterproof Kobo device, Amazon to sell physical books in Brazil and more.

Book Marketing Blueprint

Retooling marketing strategies for the digital era, Amazon’s retort to German authors, “sorceress” turns songstress on Pottermore, Firebrand’s new ebook QA tool, tips for making book apps and much more.

Top Ebook Publishers of 2014

Tallying the publishers with the most best-selling ebooks so far this year, Kindle head Russ Grandinetti’s role in the publishing world, Bezos-owned Washington Post briefly adds Amazon ‘buy’ button, how cheap books could hurt readers and much more.

The New Trend in Ebook Prices

Accounting for the steady rise in prices of best-selling ebooks, Amazon’s gamble on customer loyalty, the Colbert Report’s hand in boosting books, Orwell’s estate responds to Amazon, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt grows and more.

New Ebook Production Tools

Getting acquainted with the new production technologies, weighing the future of digital content development, Rosetta Books moves to reinvent print models, Amazon’s campus expansion and more.

Amazon Expands Campus Bookstore Program, Launches at Purdue

Amazon has launched an online campus bookstore at Purdue that the university says will save students there $6 million a year. The launch is an expansion of its Amazon Campus program, which opened a similar store at University of California, …

Surviving the Digital Transition

Navigating the latest challenges in digital publishing, Penguin Random House dominates ebook best-seller list, authors’ stakes in the Amazon-Hachette feud, BiblioBoard expands its catalog and more.

Financial Times: Prescription for Publishers Surviving Amazon

“What happens if your biggest customer is also your worst nightmare?” asks the Financial Times. While the question is reductive (for many publishers, Amazon has been far from a “worst nightmare,” giving purchase to previously “out of print” books, reviving authors’ …

Subscription Ebooks Enter Act Two (Free Download)

In the short time since their arrival, ebook subscription services have grown noticeably more prominennt. But while there’s little question about the force of their presence today, the longer-term questions of their permanence, and their impact on the publishing ecosystem, are unresolved. That remains …

More on Kindle Unlimited and Its Effects

How the new subscription service is impacting best-sellers, Amazon lays out its goals in Hachette dispute, a new digital-first Amazon imprint, Macmillan provides full front-list to libraries, Axis 360 integrates with Boopsie and much more.