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Why 2015 Is the Year of the Customer

Rodale Books Publisher Mary Ann Naples agrees with Seth Godin that publishers must rethink their customer relationships, the can- and can't-do's of data-based publishing, Recorded Books bulks up and much more.

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Four Reasons to Attend Digital Book World 2015 Next Week

In many ways, 2014 was a challenging year for publishers, but it wasn’t without its upsides, either. The Amazon-Hachette dispute stoked mistrust about the biggest publishers’ relationship with their top distribution partner, but it resolved with Hachette regaining the right to set its own ebook prices, much as Simon & Schuster had done the month before....

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Talking Ebooks with Apple and Amazon

Leaders at the two biggest ebook retailers to take the stage next week at Digital Book World 2015, Smaswords increases output, sizing up supply-and-demand in the digital market, Scribd raises $22 million, what's next for Nook and more.

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Amazon Counts Year-End Gains

Amazon adds 10 million new Prime members and says device sales grew by leaps and bounds this holiday season, assessing authors' Kindle Unlimited qualms, Kobo aims to upsell erstwhile Sony loyalists with new devices and more.

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Three Steps to Better Book Marketing

Three ways to upgrade your book marketing tactics for the vastness and vagaries of the digital marketplace, Amazon's one-hour delivery service scores high, e-commerce driving supply chain innovation and much more.

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Looking Beyond Sales in Direct Bookselling

Why direct-to-consumer retail is about more than just driving revenue for publishers, a new argument on behalf of enhanced ebooks and playing the long-game in digital publishing, the unsung potential of foreign rights sales, used ebooks in Europe and much more.


How Amazon Could Disrupt Anew

One industry leader's case for why Amazon could still prove a game-changer in the mobile market, what's ahead in digital content delivery, leadership changes at Wiley, reconsidering global ebook pricing and much more.

Driving Innovation in Digital Learning

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt CEO Linda Zecher on driving technological change in K-12 publishing, why Amazon is making peace with publishers, Macmillan head John Sargent expresses frustration over ebook distribution options and more.

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Macmillan Strikes an Ebook Deal with Amazon, Explores Subscriptions

Macmillan becomes the latest Big Five publisher, after Hachette and Simon & Schuster, to reach a new multiyear print and digital distribution agreement with Amazon that returns to a version of the agency model of ebook pricing. The deal goes into effect on January 5, 2015, and allows the publisher to set its own ebook prices....

Bookmate Takes Subscription Ebooks to Asia

Bookmate, the subscription ebook service and social e-reading platform, is now available in Singapore. Partnering with StarHub, a Singapore-based digital communications provider, Bookmate brings its more than 500,000-ebook catalog to the country’s growing market of e-readers, in what Bookmate founder Simon Dunlop in a statement today calls “a significant first step in increasing Bookmate’s footprint in...

Bibliocrunch Relaunches Site with Expanded Author Resources

[Press Release] Bibiocrunch Announces New Partnerships, Unveils Marketing Tools for Authors, and Launches New Site. The place for authors to connect with curated publishing professionals New York, NY—December 16,2014—Bibliocrunch, an online platform that connects authors with curated book-publishing professionals to create better books, is pleased to announce our new marketing tools, mobile-optimized site and...

Finding New Paths to Digital Readers

Paper Lantern Lit's co-founders on building a "story experience" tailored to digital readers today, inside Apple's ebook pricing appeal hearing, Google doubles down on e-commerce, Amazon updates Kindle iOS apps and much more.

Doing More with Data

The need to improve data-driven publishing tactics grows more urgent, announcing finalists for the 2015 Digital Book Awards, Scribd adds Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ebooks, linking websites and social media book marketing and more.