DBW Contributor Guidelines

A robust community requires a form of leadership quite different from the models that have it driving transformation from the top. Community leaders see themselves as being in the center, reaching out rather than down.

–Henry Mintzberg, John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies, McGill University

The publishing community is passionate, engaged and international, and Digital Book World’s mission is to provide a forum for the community to gather, share hard-won insights, present innovative challenges, and pool its collective intelligence for the benefit of all its members.

From our annual conference and monthly WEBcasts, to the articles, research and white papers we publish, our goal is to provide the most practical information, resources and networking opportunities publishing professionals need to thrive as the industry evolves.

If you’d like to contribute to the community, whether via an article or an idea for a WEBcast, or perhaps you have a pitch for a white paper or a new event, we’d love to hear from you.

Contributor Opportunities

  • Articles: DBW publishes articles from industry experts and practitioners of 500-1,000 words on a variety of publishing-related topics; skim our Features section for examples of what we’ve covered in the past.
  • WEBcasts: DBW produces informational WEBcasts (including the weekly Roundtable) featuring industry experts and practitioners on a variety of publishing-related topics.
  • White Papers: DBW publishes educational white papers by category experts on a variety of publishing-related topics.
  • Events: DBW produces a variety of in-person events, from the annual conference to informal networking gatherings.
  • Other: DBW is always open to new and interesting ideas!


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