About Digital Book World

Starting with the only conference designed to address the radically changing commercial publishing environment, Digital Book World has evolved into a year-round platform offering educational and networking resources for consumer publishing professionals and their partners — including agents, booksellers and technology vendors — online and in person.

As a deadline journalist of 20+ years standing, my job is to separate the wheat from the chaff — fast. The folks at Digital Book World have created a site that’s clean, attractive, easy to read, and full of useful information, written with authority and verve. When I’m researching the world of digital media, it’s a go-to website for me.

–Lou Carlozo, key contributor, Reuters Wealth


The Community

A robust community requires a form of leadership quite different from the models that have it driving transformation from the top. Community leaders see themselves as being in the center, reaching out rather than down.

–Henry Mintzberg, John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies, McGill University

The publishing community is passionate, engaged and international, and Digital Book World’s mission is to provide a forum for the community to gather, share hard-won insights, present innovative challenges, and pool its collective intelligence for the benefit of all its members.

From our annual conference and monthly WEBcasts, to the articles, research and white papers we publish, our goal is to provide the most practical information, resources and networking opportunities publishing professionals need to thrive as the industry evolves.

For more information, contact: Gary Lynch

The Conference

Publishers have great tools to compete but they can only succeed if they know what the game is.

–Mike Shatzkin, Conference Chair, Digital Book World

The annual Digital Book World Conference is designed to help publishers capitalize on their existing assets in the short-term while developing and executing a viable digital strategy for the long-term. It is the only conference specifically for trade publishers, focusing on solutions, not theories; practicality, not punditry.

The Conference isn’t just about strategies, though; it’s also about the community. Because of our focus on consumer publishing, our speakers and attendees represent publishers of all sizes and niches – from HarperCollins, Penguin and Random House, to Chelsea Green, National Geographic and Samhain Publishing – as well as authors, literary agents, booksellers, librarians and other allied professionals, and vendors with an interest in the future of consumer publishing.

For more information, contact: Gary Lynch.

F+W Media

Digital Book World is owned and operated by F+W Media, Inc., a leading multimedia company. For nearly a century F+W has provided information and inspiration for core enthusiast communities, including writing, art, graphic design, outdoors, antiques & collectibles, woodworking, among others.

The Company’s charter publications Writer’s Digest magazine and Writer’s Market, continue to be the key resources for aspiring and published writers alike. In addition to more than 500 new book titles a year, the Company maintains a backlist of more than 2,500 titles, publishes nearly 40 magazines, owns and operates dozens of informational and subscription-based Web sites, and operates a growing number of successful consumer and trade shows annually.