Enhanced Ebook UniversityThe Idea Logical Company and Digital Book World have partnered to offer Enhanced Ebook University (E2BU).

We believe the sudden interest of many publishers in the idea of enhanced ebooks calls for a broad and deep survey of what they are and how to think about them. That’s what this project will do.

Enhanced Ebook University was created to provide background, perspective, and grounding for what we believe will be pretty widespread ebook creation efforts in the months to come. The White Paper and the WEBcasts are not intended to teach the technology; they are our attempt to think creatively and substantively about how to apply technology to create more appealing and useful ebooks—and how to know whether or not you’re succeeding in that attempt.

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Enhanced eBooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey for Authors and Publishers, by Peter Meyers with an introduction by Mike Shatzkin, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to learn about the rapidly expanding market of enhanced eBooks and be fully equipped to develop effective, profitable digital strategy. This 100 page report is not intended to teach technology – rather, it teaches you to think creatively and substantively about how to apply technology to create more appealing and useful eBooks and how to know whether or not you’re succeeding in that attempt.

From the general, including a catalog of options for enhancement, to the specific, like how to make the difficult decision of whether to outsource development, the report provides the background every decision maker must possess. This is an essential resource for anyone interested in the future of publishing.

You may purchase the report on its own for $49 or receive it as part of the E2BU program package with access to our entire series of live webcasts. The report is available in DRM-free PDF and ePub. Visit our Registration page for more pricing information.


Before publishers integrate enhanced ebooks into their business model and develop marketing strategies, they need E2BU. We gather the top publishers, agents, developers, and experts together to explore all the options, now and in the future, in a practical, business-minded approach.

There’s no fluff, no tech jargon, no fawning over devices – E2BU’s WEBcasts zero in on the unique issues publishers need to understand to craft competent enhancements that satisfy readers and sell books.

Individual sessions cost $39 each or you may register for the E2BU  Program Package, which includes the entire webinar series plus the White Paper, for only $299 — a savings of over $100. Digital Book World members receive an additional discount at checkout. For more pricing information and package options, please visit our Registration page.

NOTE: All sessions are scheduled for 1pm EDT/10am PDT, and paid attendees will be able to download the archive for repeat viewing at their leisure.



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Enhanced Ebook University is a partnership of The Idea Logical Company and Digital Book World. With the help of Kirk Biglione, co-founder of Medialoper, The Idea Logical Company is providing the content for E2BU’s report and the webinar series. Digital Book World is managing the community involvement, marketing, and providing the behind-the-scenes hosting and technical support.