Digital Book WorldIt’s the Network

Digital Book World is more than an annual conference; it’s also a network of optimistic and proactive publishing professionals from all across the industry, and all across the world.

In the midst of the gloom-and-doom naysayers and pundits, there’s a thriving community of publishers, editors, marketers, agents, booksellers, librarians, authors, and readers of all kinds who are passionate about the book, in all its forms, and are working within the industry to help change it for the better.

To support this community, Digital Book World offers a number of in-person and online events beyond the annual conference, including a series of webcasts and in-person seminars, the weekly interactive Roundtable, and the inspirational 7x20x21 series.

There are also a variety of networking Meetups in New York City… and soon to come in other cities.

DBW WEBcasts

Digital Book World offers a year-round series of educational webcasts covering the most critical topics for those working in the publishing industry, including: Digital workflow; eBook conversion; digital and social marketing (to readers and booksellers); ecommerce; email list management, and more.

A schedule of upcoming WEBcasts is available here.

Enhanced Ebook University (E2BU)

Enhanced Ebook University was created to provide background, perspective, and grounding for what we believe will be pretty widespread ebook creation efforts in the months to come. The White Paper and the WEBcasts are not intended to teach the technology; they are our attempt to think creatively and substantively about how to apply technology to create more appealing and useful ebooks—and how to know whether or not you’re succeeding in that attempt.

More information is available here.

DBW Roundtable

The Roundtable is a live, interactive webcast gathering some of the most outspoken industry professionals to debate the hottest publishing issues of the week, as being discussed in traditional media, the blogiverse and on Twitter. From celebrity book deals to eBook rights and pricing to [insert YOUR pet topic here] — if it’s related to books, it’s on the agenda. Live, interactive, opinionated, timely… every Thursday @ 1pm EST (10am PST), and best of all, it’s free!

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Digital Book World's 7x20x217x20x21

Digital Book World’s 7x20x21 series is a PechaKucha-style event with a couple of tweaks. The first one was held on January 13, 2010 at New York’s City’s Bowery Poetry Club and streamed live online via

The evening was all about optimism: audience members were rewarded with free books if they shared a reason why their publishing glass was half full. In an industry increasingly overshadowed by doubt, the refreshing presentations featured humor, free drinks, and the occasional basketball metaphor. The festivities, hosted by Ami Greko and the charismatic Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, all boiled down to the following message: make publishing fun again, and we might just be able to save it.

Making Publishing Fun Again, By LaNew-Yorkaise

Upcoming dates for 7x20x21 events are available here.

NYC Meetup Group

The NYC chapter of the Digital Book World community gets together for fun networking events throughout the year.

If you work in book publishing in New York City, let’s meetup!

If you’re not in New York City and are interested in starting your own DBW Meetup group, contact us.