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Digital Books and Media Solution

Digital Books and Media Solution – an immense system, but a very simple one, addressing whole digital publishing value chain, from creation, through monetization, to distribution.

Courtesy of Young Digital Planet

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Digital Books and Media Solution allows for flexible implementation fitting very different usage scenarios and offering a perfect fit to whatever business model the organization is pursuing.

Because of its virtues it appeals to customers on numerous markets:


New features

  • New UI: Completely new design that was created from scratch, taking into account latest mobile trends. The design is enhancing positive user experience as it is both esthetically pleasant and very easy to use.
  • Textbook variations: Instead of creating a separate version of an interactive book for teachers and students, textbook variations functionality allows to prepare just one master version which will be displayed differently depending on who is viewing it.
  • Windows 8 App (Alpha): Now you can enjoy our Solution also on Windows 8 mobile devices by downloading the app from the Windows store. Alpha version is featuring most important functionalities from the readers perspective and will be followed by the fully-fledged version, equivalent to the current iOS/Android apps, in the summertime.

Customer Benefits

  • easily create interactive publications from existing PDFs or InDesign projects and reduce your time to market
  • distribute even more content types, e.g. in HTML5 container
  • customize your content according to your brand’s look and feel
  • grant individual licenses with DRM protection to minimize the second-hand market
  • use your existing eCommerce solutions to offer interactive content

Referral Customers

Van In – a Belgium-based, educational publisher with over 175 years of history, being the leader in K-12 educational publishing in the Flemish and Waloon regions.

Nowa Era – founded in 1992, is the biggest educational publisher in Poland with over 70% market share in certain subjects/grades.