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Top Challenges for Journal Publishers: A Management Guide to Workflow and Keeping Up With the Industry

Publishing workflows have become incredibly complex. As the industry continues to evolve, puts mobile first, and demands different formats at a faster pace, your process must also evolve.

In a new guide, we examine major reoccurring challenges within the specialty of journal publishing, and how to address them:

  • The best choices to support print and digital outputs
  • The move to mobile
  • Formats, structures, and archiving procedures
  • Editorial metrics that improve workflow
  • Choosing the right partners and vendors

While this guide focuses on the journey of journals, we hope it provides perspective for all publishers to address workflow challenges standing in their way.
Courtesy of Apex CoVantage

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The Advantages of a Template-Driven Workflow

The Advantages of a Template-Driven Workflow is for small to midsized publishers who want to reduce costs while retaining the highest levels of quality. While scale usually gives large publishers an advantage over smaller competitors, the techniques in this whitepaper show how a template-driven workflow can level the playing field on production costs while reducing production cycle time. It is particularly helpful for academic and professional publishers of medium to high complexity works, as well as publishers of narrative text fiction and non-fiction books.
Courtesy of Nord Compo

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The Value of Excellence in Digital Operations

As the market for books has evolved, especially in terms of channel complexity and global opportunities, LibreDigital has developed solutions to help publishers thrive. Going beyond digital asset management, they’ve built platforms that drive discovery and improve product placement, create a direct to consumer relationship, and monitor marketplace activity for all of your products. This whitepaper describes the benefits and impact of the Harvest platform on today’s publishing operations. From print to digital, managing both the everyday workflow and mission critical tasks, Harvest puts a spotlight on smart automation.
Courtesy of Libre Digital

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Digital Books and Media Solution

Digital Books and Media Solution is an immense system, but a very simple one, addressing whole digital publishing value chain, from creation, through monetization, to distribution. It allows for flexible implementation fitting very different usage scenarios and offering a perfect fit to whatever business model the organization is pursuing.
Courtesy of Young Digital Planet

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HTML5: The Code to Maximizing Revenue

With older rich media software such as Flash not supported on all media devices, it has become more important than ever to create a new, streamlined language for the Web.
Courtesy of SPi Global

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Device and Platform Prioritization

A Methodology for Determining Which Tablet or Mobile Platforms to Prioritize
Courtesy of Innodata

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