Download ‘What Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors?’

What Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors? systematically compares the perceptions, experiences and economic returns to authors associated with traditional publishing and self-publishing, respectively. Reviewing extensive survey data, the report takes a close look at the case to be made to the author community in favor of traditional publishing as well as the areas where traditional publishers might enhance what they offer their current and prospective authors.

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2 thoughts on “Download ‘What Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors?’

  1. Dot Smith

    Thanks for offering this report. The industry is changing so fast, and there is so much misinformation in the general press, the only reliable information is now from solid and established industry organizations such as DBW.

  2. Bridget Marmion

    Seconding Dot Smith’s point that clear, thorough and reliable info is needed – with regular updates, since the industry scene is so fluid – from an articulate source like DBW. While no doubt publishers can improve their communication with authors, this I know (after decades in-house, now three years with my own firm working with authors published by houses large, small and self published): Traditional publishers offer investment in authors*, access to albeit shrinking media, and actual sell-in/distribution as opposed to a line-listing. *While new media today has translated into a time-consuming and category-specific publicity/marketing effort that leads many in-house authors to hire outside support, as well, to self publish means you are funding that effort PLUS so much else: editing, copyediting, design, e-bk design, p-bk printing, plus the time/frustration of learning enough about each step to do it well. Self publishing is an exciting, viable option for certain people, depending on your publishing goals, but it shouldn’t be presented with a big, fat EASY button.



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