Legal Help, Rights Management & Agents

The following list of Legal Help, Rights Management & Agents consists of fellow Digital Book World members, registered users and credible industry partners. We encourage you to reach out to them to assist with your legal and rights management and other related needs.

Vendors (Legal Help, Rights Management & Agents)

RightsAssist, LLC – 240-644-1931 | Email | Contact: Douglas Hill | Share my listing!

  • Areas of Focus: Web based licensing/tracking service
  • Description: We help publishers track the permissions/licenses they’ve purchased and copyright holders to sell their content via a web based service – 615-512-8913 | Email | Contact: Chris Fletcher | Share my listing!

  • Areas of Focus: Development of enhanced eBook with combined audio, video, and in-app purchases.
  • Description: Independent publishing entity representing all publishing rights of Marshall Chapman.

People (Legal Help, Rights Management & Agents)

Laskowski, John – 217-403-7749 | Email | Company: Human Kinetics | Title: Knowledge Management Department Coordinator | Share my listing!

  • Type: In-House | Focus: Knowledge management, business intelligence, data mining, content management | Skillsets: Research, reference, knowledge management, document structures, Access.
  • Bio: I’m an old-school librarian for whom the metadata is the product.
  • Favorite Publication: There are several.

Reeverts, Catherine – 202-236-0881 | Email | Company: Catherine Reeverts | Share my listing!

  • Type: Independent Contractor/Freelancer/Consultant | Focus: Work flow/Uniformity, Accessibility of Metadata/Cross-Platform Quality Assurance | Skillsets: Writer, Lawyer
  • Bio: Background in law, book sales, writing and of course avid reading and early adoption of e-reading. Am a lawyer with background in book sales and an interest in ebook transition.
  • Favorite Publication: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Site Users (Legal Help, Rights Management & Agents)

Audible, Inc. – 973-820-0429 | Contact: Contessa Nyree | Email | Share my listing!
Bradlee Frazer – 208-388-4875 | Contact: Bradlee Frazer | Email | Share my listing!
Carol Mann Agency – 212-206-5635 | Contact: Joanne Wyckoff | Email | Share my listing!
Foreword Literary, Inc. – 650-922-0914 | Contact: Laurie McLean | Email | Share my listing!
Marti Publishing Group – 00902124832737 | Contact: Kerem | Email | Share my listing!
Rodale Inc – 212-573-0512 | Contact: Bob Niegowski | Email | Share my listing!
The Deborah Harris Agency – 972 2 5633237 | Contact: Efrat Lev | Email | Share my listing!
Wall & Wall Attorneys At Law PC – 801-441-2388 | Contact: Cory Wall | Email | Share my listing!
WordServe Literary Group – 303-471-6675 | Contact: Greg Johnson | Email | Share my listing!

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