Featured Directory Listing Benefits

Internet users’ primary concern on the web is to find the content and recommendations based on what they are looking for. While banner advertising is vital to building brand recognition, and generating awareness of various marketing initiatives, are you also presenting your business in the editorial fashion that internet users seek? Are you doing anything to help your website rank better in search engines?

Did you know?

The traffic on DigitalBookWorld.com consists of 25,000 engaged monthly visitors who spend 3 minutes on our site? You have a greater opportunity to put forth your company’s offering with a featured, editorial listing on DigitalBookWorld.com.

How Your Business Can be Found in the DBW Directory?

  • Direct Traffic
    • Loyal DBW site visitors, and fellow DBW Members, will come straight to our Directory independent of search engines.
  • Search Engines
    • Our directory pages are optimized to rank in search engines, helping to position you in front of potential customers.
    • Your directory listing provides valuable links to your website, helping your own pages rank higher in Google.
  • Referring Websites
    • 1/3 of all traffic to DBW is from referring websites due to our valuable content. Capture user interest from these valuable recommendations.

The first ten results [on search results pages] received 89.71% of all click-through traffic, the next 10 results (normally listed on the second page of results) received 4.37%, the third page – 2.42%, and the fifth – 1.07%. All other pages of results received less than 1% of total search traffic clicks.”
~ A study on data leaked from AOL’s search query logs, pulled from SEOmoz’s “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO”

Now Ask Yourself

  1. What if you were your customer? Wouldn’t you be more compelled to buy through a strong, editorial recommendation?
  2. Where do you want to be listed in the DBW Directory? If you’re featured at the top of the page, you’ll have the best chance of capturing a new customer.

Now is the time to begin realizing the benefits of editorial content, and SEO [Search Engine Optimization], on the web’s fastest growing network of digital publishing professionals. Your customers are coming to us every day.


  • A featured listing on DigitalBookWorld.com.
  • Industry category pages that are heavily promoted throughout the site.
  • One of our most affordable advertising packages!
  • Helping to drive revenue to your business via content, which internet users prefer.
  • Taking the the most important step in helping your own website rank better in search engines, through keyword rich links to your website.
Example Featured Listing

Featured Listing Details

*Each page will list a maximum of 10 featured advertisers.

Featured Listings:

  • Company logo
  • 2-5 sentence bio of company
  • Phone Number & Email link
  • Link to company website + 3 web pages
  • Links to Facebook + Twitter profiles
  • Areas of Focus/Specialty
  • Notable Clients

*Listing order offered at positional pricing, and served on a “first come, first serve” basis.

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