Directory (Digital Publishing Companies)

The Digital Book World Official Directory consists of fellow Digital Book World members and registered users, along with credible industry partners. We encourage the DBW network to do business together, and help our industry grow into the future of digital publishing.

Ebook Design & Development

Browse our network of credible Ebook companies offering ebook design, production, conversion, and other Ebook-related services.
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Mobile App Development

Browse our network of mobile app development companies, tablet developers, and freelancers, specializing in Apple and Android devices.
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Social Media, Marketing & Publicity

Browse our network of social media, offline/online marketing, publicity, SEO and other related professionals.
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Legal Help, Rights Management & Agents

Browse our network of legal and rights management experts, agents, scouts, and other related experts.
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Browse our network of transmedia producers, developers, authors and related professionals.
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Web Developers & Designers

Browse our network of web developers, web designers, web programmers, and more.
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Video & Audio Production

*Coming Soon! Browse our network of video and audio production agencies,  freelancers, and specialists to help you with your enhanced ebook or mobile app.
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Database Management/IT Consulting

Browse our network of database management, design, conversion, information technology, and similar professionals.
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Editorial & Content Services

Browse our network of tech-savvy editors (both in-house and freelance).
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Browse other professionals and specialists related to the digital publishing industry.
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