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Get essential tips and advice from the brightest minds in the digital publishing industry delivered to your desktop in a live presentation. These online, interactive webinars are presented by industry experts and noted consultants. Webinars last between half an hour and an hour and include a Q&A session toward the end where listeners can get answers to specific questions from the webcast presenters.


Why Verso Books Put Bibliographic, Contracts, Rights & Royalties on a Single System

When: Thursday, May 5, 2016Virtusales
Time: 1:00-1:30 PM EST
Cost: Free

Do you believe you’d solve a lot of problems if your title data, contracts, rights and royalties all lived together in a single, central system, but wondered if it is worth the time and expense?

Join us for a reprise of this popular session from Digital Book World 2016 and learn how Verso Books migrated a handful of aging legacy systems onto a single unified platform and transformed their publishing operations in the process.

Details of the case study include:

• Business drivers behind the initiative
• 5 key benefits they achieved
​• Was it worth the time and cost?
• New capabilities for business intelligence and analytics

Presented by Rodney Elder, VP Commercial Operations at Virtusales Publishing Software.

Host: Daniel Berkowitz, Senior Editor, Digital Book World

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How to Streamline Production in MS Word: Simplify Your Workflow and Save Money with Jouve Edit

JouveWhen: Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Time: 1:00—1:30 PM EST
Cost: Free

Microsoft Word is a powerful and critical piece of software. The only problem is that, as a standalone product, it is nearly impossible to rely on for an entire publishing workflow.

So in Digital Book World’s latest webinar, “How to Streamline Production in MS Word: Simplify Your Workflow and Save Money with Jouve Edit,” we will feature Bob Anderson, Product Management Director at Jouve North America, who will detail how publishers who work with Jouve Edit have been able to save 20 to 30 percent on their production cost by keeping their titles in Word for the entire production process.

Jouve Edit is a user-friendly plug-in for Microsoft Word that makes it easier for authors, editors, and copyeditors to work on their books and keep control of the editorial changes of their titles.

In this 30-minute webinar, Anderson will show you how to:

· Generate print PDF and ebook files directly from Microsoft Word
· Provide simple tools to authors, editors and copyeditors
· Easily apply structure in an automated way, extending the power of Microsoft Word

This free webinar is for managing editors, production managers and copyeditors who want to achieve a faster, more streamlined and lower cost production process.

Host: Daniel Berkowitz, Senior Editor, Digital Book World
Moderator: Ted Hill, President, THA Consulting

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