DBW 2013 Conference Video

The below videos are from the originally live streamed general sessions, a select number of breakout sessions and interviews at Digital Book World Conference 2013. See below the player for more detailed information about each video.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

General Sessions & Interviews

Welcome and Opening Remarks
David Nussbaum, CEO, F+W Media

An Industry in Transition
Mike Shatzkin, Digital Book World Conference Chair/Founder & CEO, The Idea Logical Company
Digital Book World Conference Chair Mike Shatzkin shares his view of the book publishing industry in 2013 – how far the book business has come in the digital transition, the market conditions and circumstances driving change, and what publishers can expect in the coming year.

Publishing Industry Forecast: Results of the 2012 Publishing Executive Survey
James McQuivey, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
James McQuivey returns to the DBW stage to present the annual Forrester Research survey of publishing executives about their view of the pace of industry change.

A CEO’s View of the Future Redux: Lessons Learned, Future Forecasts
Moderated by David Nussbaum, F+W Media; with Marcus Leaver, CEO, The Quarto Group, Inc.; Karen Lotz, CEO, Candlewick Press; Gary Gentel, President, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
David Nussbaum and panel discuss where the industry is headed and how they are working to prepare their companies for the future.

What Publishers Can Learn from President Obama’s 2012 campaign
Teddy Goff, Digital Director, Obama Campaign
The social media and marketing strategies used by the Obama campaign under Teddy Goff’s direction have been credited by many as the key factor in the President’s re-election. Sharing best practices from the President’s digital media marketing
campaign, Goff’s keynote presentation addresses micro-targeting and social media marketing that can be utilized by publishers to increase awareness of and ultimately sell their content.

Interviews with DBW speakers, attendees and winners of the 2012 Publishing Innovation Awards
Joshua Tallent, eBook Architects
David Nussbaum, CEO, F+W Media
Cynthia Cleveland & Nancy Cushing-Jones, BroadLit

eBook Pricing: State of Play and Analysis
Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World; Dan Lubart, Principal, Iobyte Solutions
The settlement of the Department of Justice lawsuit by three major publishers assured that the pricing of ebooks would be a closely-watched subject in the fourth quarter of 2012. Just before the quarter began, Digital Book World introduced its new ebook bestseller list, prepared in conjunction with Dan Lubart and his company, IoByte Solutions. (Lubart is also a VP at HarperCollins.) A distinguishing feature of the DBW list is that it presents bestsellers in price tiers as well as overall, demonstrating at the beginning of the quarter that the high-priced agency books outsold the lower-price independents. Using the weekly DBW examination of sales but looking at the data over time, the DBW team will attempt to explain what we saw when the price controls built into agency at the beginning were eased, and will try to tell us what that means for the future.

Competing With Free: How Piracy Impacts Sales and Strategies to Fight It
Michael D. Smith, Professor of Information Technology and Marketing, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael D. Smith, a Professor of Information Technology and Marketing at Carnegie Mellon University and co-director of CMU’s new Initiative for Digital Entertainment Analytics (IDEA) research center, specializes in using real-world data to measure the commercial impact of piracy and anti-piracy regulation on sales of intellectual property. Smith will discuss data-rich research results showing that while piracy clearly hurts media sales, it is possible to compete with “free” pirated content through a combination of improved digital marketing strategies to make legal content more attractive to consumers and through anti-piracy interventions to make pirated content less attractive to consumers.

Explaining XML: What is it, How it Works and What You Need to Know About It
Dr. Bob Oeste, Senior Programmer/Analyst, The Johns Hopkins University Press
Bob Oeste, purely and simply, does the most cogent and entertaining explanation of XML — what it is, how it works, and what everybody in publishing needs to know about it — we’ve ever seen. Because XML has already become essential to any book publisher who wants the development work they do today to have any value tomorrow, we felt the Oeste Xplanation of XML deserved the broadest exposure to the trade publishing community. Everybody in a book publishing enterprise, no matter what their role or responsibility, will benefit from hearing Oeste give meaning to the three-letter acronym which is, until you’ve heard him, still much more widely used than understood.

Investing in the Publishing Industry
Brian Napack, Senior Advisor, Providence Equity Partners; Michael Cader, Creator, Publishers Lunch
With the pending merger of Random House and Penguin, many people expect a wave of consolidation across trade publishing–where we have also seen recent sales of Thomas Nelson, Flammarion, Frommer’s and Phaidon, along with Microsoft’s investment in Barnes & Noble. Brian Napack of media investment giant Providence Equity Partners believes that book publishing is an attractive asset class for investors now. In conversation with Michael Cader of Publishers Lunch, Napack will discuss how investors look at publishers and where this new era of acquisition–by publishing conglomerates, private equity, tech companies, and public investors–might lead.

Breakout Sessions

The ABC’s of Kids & Ebooks: New Data and Research on the Children’s Book Market
Alison Bryant, Founder & President, PlayScience LLC
Although children’s ebooks continue to get significant attention for impressive growth, surprisingly little is known about kids and e-reading. In this informative session, Dr. Alison Bryant will present results from PlayScience’s new “The ABC’s of Kids and E-reading” report, including never-before released data that will help industry better understand kids and families e-reading habits. Dr. Bryant will reveal exactly how many kids are reading digital ebooks, how much time they spend e-reading on the various devices, how much kids and parents are willing to pay for ebooks, and their habits, attitudes and preferences around e-reading. This session will help guide the trade in their product development and marketing decisions by illuminating usage patterns, content preferences, and purchase drivers for ebooks.

Evolution of Standards and Formats: The Costs and Benefits of EPUB3 and HTML5 Adoption
Peter Balis, Director, Digital Business Development, Wiley; Samantha Cohen, Director of Digital Content Development, Simon & Schuster; John Prabhu, Vice President, Solutions Architect, SPi Global; Bill McCoy, Executive Director, IDPF
The evolving standards of EPUB 3 and HTML5 promise a world of new capabilities for publishers. But is the right strategy for a publisher to be among the early adopters of these new standards, or a fast follower? The panel will take a deep look at the motivations for adoption — layout and design enhancement, fixed-layout options, enhanced ebooks, global language support, and accessibility improvements — and will consider for what kinds of books and for what kinds of audiences do they really matter.

Getting Your Metadata Right
Dr. Bob Oeste, Senior Programmer/Analyst, The Johns Hopkins University Press
Online book discovery and sales depend on quality metadata. Metadata powers search and browsing and ensures that virtual checkout counters send the correct books to customers. Your metadata determines where and how your books are found and purchased online.
In this presentation, Dr. Bob Oeste of the Johns Hopkins University Press will explain the barriers to and benefits of consistent metadata standards and a high-quality metadata value chain.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

General Sessions & Interviews

Welcome to Digital Book World – Day 2
Mike Shatzkin, Conference Council Chair, Founder & CEO, The Idea Logical Company

The Authors’ View of the Industry
Phil Sexton, Publisher and Community Leader, Writer’s Digest, F+W Media, Inc.
Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest have partnered to survey thousands of published, self-published and aspiring authors to figure out what they want out of publishers, self-publishing services, agents, booksellers and the entire publishing ecosystem—and why.

Case Study: Self-Published Author
Hugh Howey, Author, Broad Reach Publishing; Mike Shatzkin, Conference Council Chair, Founder & CEO, The Idea Logical Company; Kristin Nelson, Agent, Nelson Literary Agency
Hugh Howey is a self-publishing sensation. Starting as a novella on the Kindle platform, it grew incrementally to five novellas, then was collected in a single file as a novel, put on several other ebook platforms and the book – also available in print from CreateSpace — now delivers Howey a six-figure monthly income. While no US publisher has made an offer Howey and his agent, Kristin Nelson, have accepted for the US publishing rights, he has sold rights in several languages and to a major movie studio. In a Q&A with DBW Conference Chair Mike Shatzkin, Howey and Nelson will explain how WOOL happened, why it has not been sold to a publisher, and how they see publishers fitting, or not, into Howey’s future publishing plans.

Straddling the Models: Authors Choosing to Both Self- and Traditionally Publish
Kristin Nelson, Agent, Nelson Literary Agency; Steven Axelrod, Agent; Jay Mandel, Agent, William Morris Endeavor; Laura Hazard Owen, Book Publishing Reporter, paidContent and GigaOM; Jane Dystel, President, Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
An increasing number of established authors are simultaneously working with traditional publishers while also issuing some titles directly. Many literary agencies have expanded their scope to service their authors’ self-publishing needs. This panel of agents will discuss what the new set of choices means for authors, for publishers, and for the negotiations agents conduct with them.

Getting in the Game: Kobo’s efforts to help indies around the world reach the eBook marketplace
Michael Tamblyn, Chief Content Officer, Kobo Inc.
In Fall 2012 Kobo launched a new initiative to sell ebooks and ereading devices in partnership with independent bookstores through the American Booksellers Association. More broadly, however, Kobo is working with independent booksellers in the UK, the Netherlands and New Zealand as well, which is giving them a broad view into what it takes to get indies into the ebook game. Michael Tamblyn, Kobo’s EVP for Content, Sales & Merchandising will talk about the four markets where Kobo is working with independents to sell ereaders and ebooks and share what they’ve learned about the different ways indies are approaching digital reading in different places. Tamblyn will also offer some preliminary data, including the first report on their efforts with the ABA, on how indies are faring selling Kobo readers and content.

Interviews with DBW speakers, attendees and winners of the 2012 Publishing Innovation Awards
Joanna Mason, Sales Manager, Packt Publishing Ltd.
Lorraine Shanley , President, Market Partners International
Sol Rosenberg, VP Business Development & Content Acquisition, Copia
Ted Hill, President, THA Consulting
Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World

The Challenges to Book Discovery
Peter Hildick-Smith, Founder & CEO, Codex Group
Peter Hildick-Smith’s Codex Group has been tracking book purchasers for a decade, finding out what they buy and why they buy it. That means they’ve been aware of the importance of bookstores for “discovery” – making people aware of new books – and the consequences of bookstores declining. In this presentation, Hildick-Smith will talk about the attempts to substitute for bookstore discovery with metadata and social network marketing , offer his analysis about how well those solutions have worked, and spell out how he thinks book purchasing habits might change in the future as a result of the change in the book retailing marketplace.

Selling Everything Every Way: Barnes & Noble on Book, eBook, and Devices Selling in the Digital Age
Jim Hilt, Vice President of eBooks, Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble occupies a unique position in the bookselling landscape. They’re the only entity in the US that sells books, ebooks, and devices and that operates both online and in stores. So, they know things about how the market is changing that nobody else knows. Jim Hilt, B&N’s Vice President of eBooks, will draw on the company’s experience and data to help publishers understand this new, multi-faceted and rapidly-changing marketplace. He’ll look at sales across B&N’s stores and online channels for what they reveal about consumer behavior. What patterns can we see about what’s bought physical and what’s bought digital? By category, what formats and sales venues work best? What are the impact of marketing triggers, like price promotions, in both online and offline environments? This session will give publishers new insight into book purchasing behavior in a world where new patterns of discovery and purchase are still emerging.

Consumer Attitudes and Trends: A look at book and ebook consumer buying behaviors today
Len Vlahos, Executive Director, BISG; Sharon Lubrano, General Manager & Vice President, Bowker
Bowker and the Book Industry Study Group examine complementary aspects of book consumer activities, purchasing habits, and trends. In this session, Sharon Lubrano of Bowker will share data from their ongoing monthly Books and Consumers™ panel of readers. Bowker has been mapping and monitoring the US book market since 2009, and they’ll deliver data about how consumer online and offline activities are changing and about how book and ebook purchasing is evolving. Then Len Vlahos of BISG will offer more in-depth probing of ebook readers’ attitudes and buying behaviors. BISG’s quarterly study offers detailed insights into book consumers’ interests in and preferences for digital content, as well as the factors that influence their reading habits and purchasing decisions. Together, they will provide a comprehensive and detailed view of today’s book consumer.

Looking Back/Looking Forward
Michael Cader, Creator, Publishers Lunch; Mike Shatzkin, Conference Council Chair, Founder & CEO, The Idea Logical Company; Chantal Restivo-Alessi, Chief Digital Officer, HarperCollins Publishers; Simon Lipskar, President, Writers House; Rebecca Smart, CEO, Osprey Group
Each year at Digital Book World, our main stage activity concludes with a panel moderated by our Publishers Launch partners: conference chair Mike Shatzkin and Publishers Lunch creator Michael Cader. Their theme is “looking back, looking forward”, assessing the digitally-driven developments in trade publishing over the preceding year and trying to forecast what to expect in the year to come. Shatzkin and Cader will be joined for this discussion by agent Simon Lipskar of Writers House; HarperCollins’s new Chief Digital Officer, Chantal Restivo-Alessi; and Rebecca Smart, the CEO of the Osprey Group. The group will be talking about the topics that are top of mind in the publishing community: consolidation of trade publishing, the health of the bookstore marketplace, how things look different in light of the DoJ settlements, the new emerging techniques for book marketing, illustrated books in the ebook marketplace, and whether a new global consciousness will change the way deals are made. Lipskar, of course, is a veteran agent of bestselling authors. Restivo-Alessi honed her marketing skills in the music business and just recently came to publishing in her new position at HarperCollins, and Smart has been building a multi-vertical publisher through acquisition from her company’s base in military history. They represent a diversity of viewpoints and we can expect a lively conversation with plenty of new thoughts and insights about publishing’s future.

Breakout Sessions

Closing the New Book Discovery Gap;
Peter Hildick-Smith, Founder & CEO, Codex Group; Angela Tribelli, Chief Marketing Officer, HarperCollins Publishers; Patrick Brown, Director of Community, Goodreads; Matthew C. Baldacci, VP, Associate Publisher, St. Martins Press; Allison Underwood, Senior Marketing Manager, Open Road Integrated Media
As retail display space for books continues to decline, how will consumers discover new books outside the top of the bestseller lists, and what can publishers and authors can do to bring attention to their titles? Codex Group head Peter Hildick-Smith, who will present his detailed data on the emerging “discovery gap” and how book purchasers learn about books on the main, moderates–joined by three publisher-marketers and a representative of fast-growing book social network GoodReads.

Changing Role of Editors
Mary Ann Naples, Chief of Business Development, Zola Books
Ben Sevier, Editor-In-Chief, Dutton; Rachel Griffiths, Senior Editor, Scholastic; Katie Adams, Editor, Liveright; Peter Ginna, Editorial Director, Bloomsbury Press
Editors still have to find great books, get them signed, nurture them to completion, and then place them skillfully into the hands of their colleagues to reach their markets. But in the digital age, that’s not all. They have to evaluate authors’ “platforms”, figure out whether authors will be good marketers, and teach them how to be effective at that. They have to understand the new challenges and opportunities presented by XML-workflows. They need to understand metadata. And they need to know the new ways that tags and links lead to discovery and marketing, and what they and their authors can do to influence them. Some people have said that in the age of enhanced ebooks, editors in publishing houses need to be more like movie or TV producers than editors. A panel of editors will talk about how their jobs have changed over the past few years and what they see coming in the future.

Cross-Platform Challenges and Opportunities: The Commercial and Technical Realities of Delivering Content to New Channels
Peter Balis, Director, Digital Business Development, Wiley; Bill Kasdorf, Vice President and Principal Consultant, Apex Content Solutions; Matt MacInnis, CEO, Inkling; Sanjay Tangri, Vice President, Sales Operations, Innodata; Dave Cramer, Content Workflow Specialist, Hachette Book Group
In a world where formats, devices, and retail channels keep proliferating — each with its own subtly different requirements for delivering an optimized reading experience — platform agility and cross-platform interoperability are increasingly difficult to achieve but also increasingly important. This panel will help publishers make strategic decisions about developing their content to distribute it effectively to the broadest range of possible channels. The panel will discuss the opportunities and hurdles for enhanced content, mobile platforms, and subscription offers, and consider when a publisher might want to create its own direct-sales platform.