Continuing the Debate on Ebook Subscription Services

cover-v1Continuing the Debate on Ebook Subscription Services in the product of a live debate Digital Book World hosted in June, forecasting the impact of ebook subscription services on publishers, authors and readers. While the subscription-based e-reading model has gained significant traction in the years since debuting, many questions still remain unanswered. That was surely in evidence during the debate, which concluded after an hour’s lively discussion that nevertheless couldn’t address all the questions submitted by listeners.

So we invited the four experts who faced off in teams of two–call them the optimists and the skeptics of ebook subscription services–to provide written responses to some of the most pressing such questions. This booklet is a guide to the issues surrounding ebook subscriptions services, their current and anticipated roles within the digital publishing ecosystem and the best arguments made on all sides of those issues.

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