Meet Alison Norrington, Conference Chair for StoryWorld Conference + EXPO

So what exactly is Transmedia?

Transmedia is a strategic, savvy process that is dependant upon and rooted firmly in story. Transmedia is ‘organic, fluid storytelling that retains relevance and continuity across platforms and is infused with the fun of gaming behaviours’, but its potential, scale and scope are a whole lot more than the sum of it’s parts. In the way that ‘talkies’ revolutionised the movie scene back in the 1920’s, transmedia architecture, scripting and production are poised to change the way that we consume content – pandering to our ‘switched-on’ demanding lifestyles of immediacy, convenience, interaction, and immersion.

Transmedia won’t work without a robust, invigorated story.

Without story, transmedia is a failed attempt at flimsy advertising, which is why the launch of StoryWorld Conference + EXPO is so hugely pivotal. StoryWorld Conference + EXPO is the first global, annual conference to bring creators, writers, artists, producers, broadcasters, publishers, directors, advertising and gaming industries together to disseminate, discuss and share the strategies and considerations in adopting a transmedia mind-set.

StoryWorld Conference + EXPO is a game-changer.

This is where our existing mode of storytelling becomes historical and a new mode begins. StoryWorld Conference + EXPO isn’t only THE conclusive transmedia conference of the year, but it’s the place to start taking a fresh look at how we create, consume and release storyworlds that can extend over timelines, platforms and territories.

I am honored and extremely excited to commit to the role of Conference Chair and am in the process of building an exciting Advisory Board, packed with global front-runners in the transmedia industry. There is no doubt that October 31 – November 2, 2011 will be marked in the calendars of everyone working in the entertainment industry who recognise the value of connecting with people via story.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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About Alison Norrington

Alison Norrington is an English author, playwright & journalist, and founder of storycentralDIGITAL; she consults to publishers, broadcasters and authors globally on transmedia strategies, participative experiences and utilising social media. She commenced her practice-based PhD in January 2009 researching Transmedia Storytelling in Publishing – (emerging platforms for writers, fragmented interaction & pervasive media), and has presented at a variety of conferences, including Digital Book World; TOC (Tools of Change in Publishing); London Book Fair – Annual Digital Conference; TEDx Transmedia; International Conference of the BOOK.

Alison has written for WIRED magazine on transmedia publishing, consults on fragmenting story, transmedia strategies, production, architecture & planning to European Broadcasting Union, publishers, authors and filmmakers and runs various workshops & bootcamps in London, New York and Europe on An Introduction to Transmedia Storytelling, Transmedia Bootcamp and Transmedia: Writing for Multiplatforms.

storycentralDIGITAL | @storycentral | LinkedIn