Community Partners

The Digital Book World community includes thousands of professionals who are optimistic about the future of the book, from publishers to authors, from booksellers to librarians, from agents to technology companies. Community Partners are interested in helping to spread great new ideas, supporting a thriving group with practical information, and providing thoughtful analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing book publishing.


AptaraAptara provides digital publishing solutions that deliver significant gains in quality, time-to-market and production costs for eBook publishers. Having converted tens of millions of pages to eBook formats for the world’s leading publishers, Aptara offers end-to-end solutions across all content source types and delivery media, including the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone, Sony Reader, and Blackberry devices. With partnerships that span the entire production and distribution supply-chain, including relationships with mobile channel partners, Aptara helps publishers stay ahead in this rapidly changing market space.

Ingram Content Group

As a leader in distribution, print-on-demand and digital solutions, Ingram provides librarians and booksellers with immediate access to the largest selection of trade books, e-books, interactive textbooks, audio, magazines, and other book-related products in the industry. Publishers rely on Ingram as a key provider of demand-driven printing, digital, and marketing solutions. We provide secure, cutting-edge, and profitable answers to the questions our publisher partners have about the changing opportunities in the book industry.

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