Digital Gifts for the Holidays

How digital gifts are becoming more popular for the holidays, taking a look at some top-quality ebooks and apps, the best digital gifts for kids, Amazon’s next moves and more!

A Huge, Untapped Ebook Market

Why publishers should pay attention to PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE sales, Amazon looks ahead to the future once again, an e-reader that doesn’t need to be plugged in and more!

Eight Reasons Indie Bookstores Should Work With Amazon Source

Co-opetition: Cooperative competition. Practice where competitors work with each other on project-to-project, joint venture, or co-marketing basis. When Amazon announced its new Source program, giving independent booksellers the opportunity to sell Kindle devices and ebooks in return for a small …

Going to the Source

The origins of Amazon source (and some of its future), more author marketing advice, Zola’s big move, Intel’s investments in higher education publishing and more!

Reviving Dead Authors

How to deal with a “dead” author, Amazon’s top-ten books of the year, more reaction to Amazon Source, rethinking editorial production workflow and more!

Amazon to Indie Bookstores: Join Us

Much more on Amazon Source, the future of the ebook industry (and why it’s hard to plan for), using “social proof” to sell more books, the possible demise of Small Demons and more!

Ebook Best-Seller Prices Dip as Non-’Big-Five’ Publishers Take Precious Few Spots

For the first time in a month, a self-published title is on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list. The Arrangement 11 by H.M. Ward (No. 18) finally broke through after planned releases and discounted best-sellers helped the “big five” publishing houses dominate the ebook best-seller list for weeks. Will self-published titles make a comeback in the second half?

Flat Ebook Sales Reason to Panic?

With ebook sales flattening out, is it time to hit the “panic” button? (No!), ebooks killing off publishers in the UK? (Even as they innovate), a new digital offering from HarperCollins and more!

Study: Ebook Growth Stagnating in 2013

According to a new study from the Book Industry Study Group, for the past year or so, the share of all new ebooks sold — both in units and dollars — has been flat at about 30% and just under 15%, respectively.

Giving up on Enhanced Ebooks Too Soon

For most publishers and in most cases, enhanced ebooks – those with added features like video, audio, interactivity and more – haven’t really taken off. The examples of commercially successful projects are few and far between. Meanwhile, the examples of …

Libraries, Ebooks and Priorities

Skyhorse’s new library-focused imprint, ten tips to market ebooks in other languages, bringing international ebooks to a U.S. audience, BookBub’s marketing machine, best e-reader on the block? and more!