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7 Free Online Tools for Writers and Authors

BY Martin Cavannagh “All you need to be a writer is a pen and paper,” is something you might say if you’re one of those smug savants who can just sit down and write an entire novel longhand. But for the rest of us? Well, we can take all the help...

Un-box the Magic of Book Box Subscription Services

Book box subscription services satisfy boutique-minded audiences. Author Jesikah Sundin explains how to reach readers in search of independently created, physical items. It may be the Digital Age, but brown paper packages tied up in string are still many people’s favorite thing.

Grow A Loyal Fan Base The LOFABA Way

Before you plan a range of individual marketing activities, spend some time building your loyal fan base (LOFABA). Maria Salomão-Schmidt is an author with an MBA. She explains why you should focus on your fan base first—and how to develop a fan base at every stage of the sales cycle.