BigJump Rizzoli Winner already published in print

Only 4 months from the submission of the draft manuscript to the availability in bookshops of the final print edition. During a public event on June 23rd, Rizzoli unveiled the final winner of BigJump, the first literary award in Italy for self-published novels, launched by Rizzoli, Amazon’s KDP and the Italian start-up 20lines. Out the...


How Publishers Should Prepare for EPUB 3

The future of e-books is now. The approval of a new coding language for e-books, means that soon it will be a relatively simple matter for e-books to contain video, audio, dynamic content and all sorts of interactive features. How should publishers prepare?

Kobo CEO: Rakuten Is Amazon of Japan, to Invest in Kobo

Jeremy Greenfield | Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis calls the company's new owners the "Amazon of Japan" and predicts big things for the e-reader manufacturer. Digital Book World sits down with him to discuss the impact of the sale, the company's future plans and how next year's Kobo devices will be more like the Kindle...