Fifty Ways to Build an Author Platform

Christina Katz | There’s an art to writing and an art to self-promotion. From the moment you start putting words to the page, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to share them.

Is Seth Godin Right About Book Publishing?

Jeremy Greenfield | Outside of Oprah, The New Yorker and the Dallas Cowboys, few brands in the marketplace today command the level of loyalty from their customers that Godin said will be necessary for book publishers to have to sell their wares. So what should book publishers do?

Three Small Ideas for 2011

Greg Verdino | “Facebook isn’t one single network with 500 million members; it’s 500 million distinct, personal, niche networks.”

Enabling a Global Marketing Strategy

By Evan Schnittman | “It is incredibly important to market a title coherently and wisely with a single brand and publish everywhere at the same time.”