Is Seth Godin Right About Book Publishing?

Jeremy Greenfield | Outside of Oprah, The New Yorker and the Dallas Cowboys, few brands in the marketplace today command the level of loyalty from their customers that Godin said will be necessary for book publishers to have to sell their wares. So what should book publishers do?


Don Linn | Examining less-glamorous, but potentially huge, changes in publishing.

The European Digital Avalanche

Pieter Swinkels | European publishers saw how the battle was fought in the US over the past decade, and we didn’t like the outcome.

Co-Creating Value with Customers

Scott Walker | Emerging business models involve a network of parties where consumers become active participants, creating an ongoing conversation.

Enabling a Global Marketing Strategy

By Evan Schnittman | “It is incredibly important to market a title coherently and wisely with a single brand and publish everywhere at the same time.”