Opinion: What’s Really Going on at Barnes & Noble

Thad McIlroy | Yesterday morning, Barnes & Noble dropped a bombshell. In a press release reporting on the holiday season, Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch revealed that the company’s overall sales and profits are not looking as strong as expected. And Sterling, the bookseller’s publishing unit, is for sale. What does it all really mean?

Seven Advantages Barnes & Noble Has in the Bookseller Wars

Thad McIlroy | With over 1,200 college and retail bookstores across 50 states, Barnes & Noble is the No. 1 bricks-and-mortar book retailer in America. In Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble faces a tough competitor. Given the state of the company and of its competition, what are the advantages it has in the bookseller wars?

Kobo GM: Why Buy Books From Amazon?

Jeremy Greenfield | We spoke with the general manager of Kobo, Matt Welch, about Kobo’s differentiators, what Kobo has to say to publishers and why Welch thinks nobody should be buying books from Amazon.