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Un-box the Magic of Book Box Subscription Services

Book box subscription services satisfy boutique-minded audiences. Author Jesikah Sundin explains how to reach readers in search of independently created, physical items. It may be the Digital Age, but brown paper packages tied up in string are still many people’s favorite thing.

Three Innovative Avenues for Specialty Author Marketing: How to Profit From Learning Platforms

Marketing is a challenge for all publishers, including publishers of business content. My bet is the challenges experienced by these specialty publishers and their authors fall in line with those reported in Kelsye Nelson’s 2016 Book Marketing Survey. Among others, Nelson found the following to be the most common book marketing complaints throughout her...

Grow A Loyal Fan Base The LOFABA Way

Before you plan a range of individual marketing activities, spend some time building your loyal fan base (LOFABA). Maria Salomão-Schmidt is an author with an MBA. She explains why you should focus on your fan base first—and how to develop a fan base at every stage of the sales cycle.

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3 Reasons To Shed No Tears If Your Book Is Rejected By BookBub

A single ad on BookBub can generate thousands of downloads a day. No wonder authors can’t stop talking about this book discovery vehicle. Problem is, you can’t simply purchase an ad on BookBub. The service must choose you—and it turns away 80% of its applicants. If your book is not chosen, don't despair. Here...

Is Your Publishing Toolkit As Strong As It Can Be?

How To Write An Author Q&A That Compels Readers To Buy

An important element in every author’s media kit is the Author Q&A. A powerful Author Q&A can go far in generating interest for your book. This document provides potential readers a deeper perspective on your writing and some background on you as a person. The more readers know about you and your work, the...

A.I. Chatbots Are Evolving the Author Platform

Over the past five years, the strength of the platform that authors and publishers use to connect with and engage their audience has become one of the critical factors in the commercial success of their books. Today we are seeing the evolution of the author platform to include chatbots, a conversational interface to the...