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E-Book Library Lending Rises, Publishing Industry Grapples With Change

Barbara Galletly | As e-books have become a core part of U.S. publishers’ business, libraries, booksellers and startups have built e-book lending programs aimed at providing remote customers armed with e-readers a modern version of what they once could get only by visiting their local library. How will the future of this budding industry...

Tipping Point Reached or Will E-Book Sales Spike in First Quarter?

Sitting down with Digital Book World for an exclusive video interview, Digital Book World conference co-chairman and publishing consultant Mike Shatzkin spoke about the doubling of e-readers and tablets owned by consumers and how it might affect e-book sales figures, which reportedly showed slower growth in 2011 than in previous years. Will we see...

How Kobo Plans to Launch in 12 New Countries a Year

E-reader and e-book seller Kobo was born international. The Toronto-based company had to expand abroad from the very beginning, as Canada isn't a very large market, said Kobo vice president of content, sales and merchandising Michael Tamblyn at the Digital Book World conference in New York last week.