When Ebooks Meet Book Art

The Center for Book Arts takes a digital turn, Taschen’s ebook artistry, Books-A-Million selling fewer books, insight into the Arab reading world and more.

Most Americans Now Reading Ebooks?

A new poll suggests e-reading is more prevalent than does another recent study, Barnes & Noble’s founder reduces his stake in the company, Samsung gets a custom Kindle app, Oyster teams up with Spritz and much more.

Amazon Brings Goodreads Closer

A new feature further integrates Goodreads with the Amazon ecosystem, UK publishers react to Amazon’s power, Book Expo America hosts start-up pitch contest and much more.

Ebooks Way Too Cheap?

One content pricing consultant’s analysis, taking the tally of best-selling ebooks, estimating Kindle ebook sales, Hachette appoints a new executive editor and more.

Another One Bites the Dust

DropBox buys Readmill, IPR License launches a global licensing platform, Apple’s potential legal penalties triple, Kobo’s stay of execution in Canadian court and more.

Has Apple Surpassed Barnes & Noble?

Apple’s growing share of the ebook retail market, a potential ebook price hike in the UK, innovative narrative children’s content, Open Road hires an advisor for author brands and more.

Divergent Does Hunger Games Impression

Veronica Roth’s Divergent series is mimicking The Hunger Games. The trilogy has continued to lead the ebook best-seller list all year. And in a first this week, it swept all top three spots. The first Divergent movie, due out March …

Who Is Really an Author?

Debating who can lay claim to the term, a closer look at Hugh Howey’s self-publishing advocacy, making pricing decisions, analyzing Amazon’s ebook dominance and more.