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Thad McIlroy is a digital publishing analyst and author based in San Francisco and Vancouver. His site, The Future of Publishing, is among the most in-depth in the industry. His most recent books include Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing: A Practical Guide to the Evolving Landscape and The Metadata Handbook, 2nd Edition, co-authored with Renée Register. Follow Thad on LinkedIn and Twitter @ThadMcIlroy.

What We Talk about When We Talk about Mobile

What exactly do we mean when we talk about mobile strategies for digital publishers? There’s one quick and easy answer. It involves posting regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and their brethren so that people with smartphones can follow your publicity trail. True enough. But as I moved deeper into research on...

Why Publishers Need to Start Thinking Mobile-First

Long before we were harangued into believing that the future of publishing is in the data cloud, we were berated about the modesty of our mobile publishing ambitions. Like many of my publishing colleagues I fought back with ennui: I really don’t see why you think my web site needs to...